Hi guys! How are you dong today ?

This month I completely forgot to do my usual monthly favorite ,what a pro ,I know! Better late than ever you know so here we go!


For the makeup category as you guys probably already know I rediscovered the drunk elephant sunshine drops and I am absolutely loving it and in particular I’m loving it applied with this zoeva face shape brush 110 . I love how precise and flawless the fibers catch and apply the product in the most seamless way. IT is a new combo I am really obsessed with at the moment due to the high humidity and hotness here in Italy. I am going to link my blogpost about this product down below ! https://zoevacosmetics.com/products/110-face-shape-brushhttps://www.drunkelephant.com/products/d-bronzi-anti-pollution-sunshine-serum-drops

Another item I am really enjoying more is the orange liner by Linda hallberg. https://shop.lindahallberg.se/product/mood-crayons-kit/ . The orange one ,called likable mood ,Is the one I am using the most :a soft different and fun liner for something different than the black one I usually do . I love this product so much and I am glad I am using them more . I also love the red one as a lipliner and the formula is absolutely impeccable. I love the versatility of these crayons and how easily they apply. You can easily jazz up any look by adding a touch of neon color or just define your eye look with a different twist. In the summer time I am more drawn to trying different colors and I absolutely want to keep on trying them more.

On my lips I am loving wearing this amazing gloss by Nars. Again ,I have already spoke about so much but I am really finding’s myself using this lip product to death . It is like a gloss but with a classic an yet modern twist . The thin gold glitters and the bronzy base are a summer dream for my lips and the way I can describe it is how it provides a tan and bronzed look to my lips ,and that is the most fluttering look for the summer months I would ever want to achieve .https://www.narscosmetics.com/USA/oil-infused-lip-tint/999NAC0000109.html


The Kerastas mask I bought the other month is my hair savior at the moment since I have not seeing a hair dresser for decades and considering I haven’t had a cut in months and months my ends couldn’t look any better. I absolutely love it and almost finished it . The texture is light and almost mousse like and I love using it overnight and it leave my hair soft and luminous hydrating them not only on the surface but deep down their core. this product is something I see myself keep on buying because it totally change the texture of my hairs and three nothing more I would want. https://www.kerastase.it/prodotti/resistance/masque-therapiste

Whenever the summer comes around I basically stop dry my hair and let them air drying but to help them feeling more soft and not being so knotty I am loving using this leave in conditioner by Ouai.https://www.sephora.it/p/leave-in-conditioner—balsamo-senza-risciacquo-426531.html?LGWCODE=426531;97885;3577&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PLASephoraITOtherTopSelective_search_&utm_term=&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3ZX4BRDmARIsAFYh7ZIBSIkg98lp-fLyyo7ikoNyNoSy1GYWUqFHHSHNkHKpwi56xmlUd4saAkHpEALw_wcB


Honestly guys this month was a real struggle for me cause I felt down and uninspired most time but the one thing I keep on doing and really get passionate about was running and it is something I try to do on a weekly bases but this month in particular I just enjoying run-in on the late evening and sweating like a mofo and that’s what kept me going on a daily bases mentally and is not something I am strictly with myself or I get mad or I force myself to do but is just something I enjoy when I feel like enjoying it and it is not about weight loss or dieting but it is all about that mental health it provides me. I would suggest you find something that you enjoy ,like dancing ,walking ,swimming ,pilates whatever it is that makes you feel good : do it.


Whenever June comes around my feet live in my favorite of the season ,my Birkenstock’s. The most classic and ugliest sandals alive but I just don’t care ,they are the most comfortable and easy to use sandal and this is enough for me. Absolutely love them in every shape and form! I am making a blogpost about them and how i like to style them and i am gonna link it down below.


That’s it for this month guys ,let me know in the comment which are your favorites of the month and I will see you in my next blog post !

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