Hi guys! How are you doing today ?I hope you are doing well ! Here in Italy the temperatures has definitely rise up and today I want to share with you one of my favorite trio in this hot hot weather.

The first essential is this amazing jumpsuit from free people. I am gonna link it down below if is still available but the message I want to give you is not to go out and buy this dress but to find something that makes you feel like this item makes me feel. Let me explain . I have very very bad legs circulation and in the hotter months that means that I am super concious about my leg and my cellulite. My legs are full of it and are super puffy and shapeless. That is something I just have to accept about my body and about the process of getting older I guess, but that also means that in the hotter months I always am ashamed of them and I avoid wearing anything that makes me feel like I am tight and restricted. The first choice to me is always a long and floty dress but I also don’t want to let this condition modify my sense of self .

So sometimes I just make me dress with what I want to wear and forget about my legs.

This dress although is short and my legs are showing off ,make me feel like I am super comfortable ,makes me feel beautiful and let my curve be softly touched and not strictly worn by.

The hotter months are often a struggle when we come to the term of having to show off some skin and sometimes we would rather not having to but I also don’t want to feel uncomfortable . So what I want to tell you guys is to find a piece ,whatever you choose ,it can be a skirt a dress a shirt a top, that particular key element that change the game for you and allows you to be fresh and not sweaty but still feel beautyfull.

The key here is the cut .The cut of the material make your body own it and not be worn by it. This particular item when you see it hanging it doesn’t seems like nothing but once you tie up the belt ,it comes alive. The silk material and the lightness of the material allows you to feel fresh even in the hotter climate but still make you feel sexy and confident. Floating number to me are always the way to go ib this period of time and the fact that this jumpsuit has a belt is something that may seems unnecessary but is the element that change the game giving you definitions where you want and how you want . Pieces like this one to me are an essential element in summer .

The second item is a bronzer primer from drunk elephant ,the so famous sunshine drops antipollutios and I have always loved and use this product mixed up with some of my stable base products like my byterry cc cream or my Tata harper diamond serum. What it does is basically gives you a bronze effect to your glow but in a very subtle way. Recently I have used this product on its own and applying it as a base for my bronzer ir by itself. I know that sound so boogy but let me explain. https://www.sephora.com/product/d-bronzi-tm-anti-pollution-sunshine-serum-P432668

As you guys already know I hate feeling like I have something on my face ,in the summer months this is brought up to the max but since I haven’t seen a lots of sun recently my skin is still a little bit pale and doll . So I always love to put on some sort of bronzer. I am still loving my Nars paradise found to death but I always love a creamy bronzer effect . I wanted to use a cream bronzer that wasn’t heavy or in a stick form because those sometime can be a little bit heavy . So I tried these drops applied on my cheekbones with a sigma concealer brush and blend it in . Sometimes I leave it like that and in the evening if I was going out I would apply a powder bronzer on top to make it more defined and pop. I absolutely love this way of using it because it’s like I have nothing on my face and is still long lasting even in the hotter months and this is just the best for me.

I always love to find new way to use my products especially my more expensive ones . Finding something that can work with the other product in your make uo collection is very important and definitely the index of a good purchase .

The last element in this trio is my favorite summer perfume ( although I have been wearing it all spring too)and is my treasure by tom ford called vetiver . This the sexiest fresh and summery fragrance of your dream. If you like me love man perfume and more unisex sent without them being too sweet ,you will absolutely love this perfume. The freshness of this fragrance is unbeatable in my opinion and perfect in the hotter period .


That is it for today guys I hope some of this was inspiring for you and I will see you soon folks! b

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