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Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally during this crazy time.

Today I want to share with you another little blog post about two products that quickly became essential to me.

They are both amazing products by Sunday Riley and I have recently repurchased them both since I have been using them religiously for the last months.

The morning essentials

The first gem is my morning skincare routine eye cream. This cream is light, easy to use and one that you can easily apply with a soft massage in the weekend mornings or that you can quickly grab and apply without having to worry about because it dries out so quickly you don’t have to wait for a moment. So to me the fact that It can easily find its own place in my routine even If I am in a rush or I am completely comfortable in my own laziness is a game changing point.

Once we have checked the easy to use and accessible factor we can dive into the actual effectiveness of the product in itself.


Caffeine and Brazilian ginseng root are just a few of the amazing ingredients it contains. When I use this product my under eye get smoother and softer. I like to say that it’s like the first sip of coffe In the morning for my under eye, that first taste of coffe in the morning, that first smell of coffee that instantly and smoothly help wake yourself up. It gives my skin hydration and smoothness reducing my wrinkles and even when I sleep only a few hours it really helps me looking less tired and less puffy. Concentrated horse chestnut and acmella oleracea extracts smooth the appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines, while giving an instantly lifted look. The antioxidants effects are the most powerful factor to me in this product and that’s why I love it so much and to me it has begun an essential.

The other gem I want to talk to you about is also from Sunday Riley and it’s the so famous luna oil. I know I spoke about it so many times in my blog and I don’t really have to tell you again and again why I love it but I just wanted to share with you the fact that I have been using it non stop 4 times a week and it has finally became part of my routine. I seriously can’t stop using it and I am glad I have making the effort to use it because my skin without it is dry and fleky and this product is basically what can drastically change the game for me. I mean I absolutely love it. https://sundayriley.com/products/luna-sleeping-night-oil

To me these two products has definitely became two staples and pass the test of time and results. I love when a product that it is also a little but expensive gave me so much results and satisfaction. It is very important to me to tell you guys about products that I have genuinely loved and still using them every day and would actually go out and repurchased them.

I know it is nothing groundbreaking but I hope you enjoy it and I will see you soon folks!

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