Hi guys, how are you doing today ? today I want to share with you some of my all time favorite drugstore makeup products!

I don’t shop at the drugstore so often I must admit and to be honest I don’t really don’t know why. I guess after so many years of shopping for beauty product I started realizing I wanted to shop less and enjoy more my products. When I first stated being interested in the beauty world I remember I would go out and buy actually everything I saw on a particular YouTube makeup tutorial because I only would buy the drugstore makeup products they would use and that brought me to have a huge amount of product I only used once and never touch them more. I started change my habit and focus on less is more obviously but I really found trough the years a lots of gem from the drugstore department because beauty is not all about the cute and luxurious packaging but how we actually feel.

  • The first gem is maybellin mascara : I bought and rebought this mascara for years and years and every time I tried something new I always come back to this. The key is, as for the majority of the mascara ,to give it time to dry a little bit ,to really make the formula sticky ,and it works at it best. It is so volumizing ,it keeps the curve and it doesn’t transfer . Absolutely loved it. To me is a good dupe for my Nars climax mascara. https://www.maybelline.it/occhi/mascara/ciglia-sensazionali
  • The second gem is one of my all time favorite concealer also by Maybelline, the so famous age rewind concealer : I have already spoke a lots about this gem in my blog and I think I bought at least 20 tube of it ,that must means something I guess but this is basically the best formula cause it is light but gives you coverage and it doesn’t dry your under eye area out. I stopped using it noticing my undereye was a little bit more dry than usual wanting to try something more emollient but the formula in itself is amazing and honestly I don’t think there is something similar on the higher level of the market. Highly recommend.https://www.maybelline.com/face-makeup/concealer/instant-age-rewind-eraser-dark-circles-concealer-treatment
  • The third product I want to talk about is a real gem and it has been my favorite blush for A very long time ,not only it gives you a beautiful experience when you use it because it smells amazing (If you love peaches) but it also works as the perfect peach blush. If you are looking for a peach blush look no further. It is a satin finish ,with a slightly shine to it and it blend like a fucking dream . I was so worried when I first discovered it thinking it would be a limited edition one and thankfully it is not. The smoothness and buttery texture are impecable. Highly recommend it.
  • https://www.loreal-paris.it/prodotti/make-up/viso/blush/lifes-a-peach-01?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjw88v3BRBFEiwApwLeva17lNBUmN2vPEEwRQtuQcoUiVXXaGv_ZHs7Ap_u6NO17n815PCyFRoCNiwQAvD_BwE
  • The fourth product is one of the best brow gel I have ever tried and is by loreal again . There is nothing much to say about a brow gel ,but this works perfectly ,I love the shades it comes with and the texture allows you to work with it and not risking of having a blob of product in your brow and not knowing how to blend it in (we have all been there and that’s not funny)
  • .https:// www.loreal-paris.it/prodotti/make-up/brand/unbelievabrow-gel-per-le-sopracciglia-perfette
  • The last product I absolutely love are the rimmel lipliner. I found the perfect dupe for one of my favorite lipliner by Charlotte tilbury pillow talk and absolutely loved it so much that I had to try every other shades . They are creamy but fully opace and blend like a dream. They are smooth and the packing is absolutely mi favorite one. I love how full the color is without losing the opacity once you blend it in and it last a very long time being a lip liner. The packaging doesn’t require a sharpener which is always a plus for my lazy lazy ass and it also helps you shape your lips the way you want to.
  • .https://www.superdrug.com/Make-Up/Lips/Lip-Liners/Rimmel-Exaggerate-Lip-Liner-Eastend-Snob-63/p/933473

I want to apologize with you for the lack of creativity in the last couple of weeks, I want to continue to share with you my thoughts and my passion for makeup and style and wellness but I don’t know why I am completely losing my creative spot. I know that this kind of things take time so I know I will be back to normal sooner than ever. Thanks for reading as always and let me know you favorite drugstore makeup item! I will see you soon folks!

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