Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing well ,mentally and physically . I know since the time are really strange that makeup looks are not our first toughts in the morning but I just wanted to wrote something that could maybe inspire some of you and maybe distract a little bit . I am not an expert when it comes to makeup as you guys know but I love the process and the me time it derives from. I think is such a luxury experience to gift us once in a while :just to sit down ,maybe a glass of wine a good music or podcast and play with some products and making us feeling good.

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite makeup look I love to rock out especially in the Summer months .

The key of this look is a blue pencil ,which shade is not important ,what really matter is the contrast we create when we put a bright neon color in the inner eye liner . I love to use this kind of color also as a classic eyeliner shape but I think is much more flattering especially with my eye color I really enjoy it.

As per usual the base is light almost nothing on ,just some bronzer to enanche our tan and some blush to amplify that .

My go to base is my Tata harper diamond serum and my Kevin acuin neon bronzer with my Patrick ta beauty monochrome blush. I used to never wear blush in the summer months because I thought it was uncesessary ,I thought that bronzer was enough but I started wearing this particular one by Patrick ta and absolutely loved the effect it gave me. I think this particular two product works so perfectly togheter and one enanche the other so well and without giving to much of a strong effect. I think the fact that this blush has such. natural effect and little pay off that you really don’t risk anything . I really don’t like wearing concealer but since I discovered my hourglass one I really started enjoying it even if is full coverage. Something really new to me to see my undereye so perfect but I am not mad about it .




The whole combo makes me feel beautiful and comfortable and even if it’s hot outside I don’t feel sticky or like I have something on my face and that’s to is the best feeling ever.

Once we have our base done let’s talk about the eyes.

With this look the eyes are super simple,shocking I know ! To really make the blu liner pop I put my concealer on my eyelid to create a perfect and omogen base ,the more even and neutral is the base around the more the blu will stand out.

I love this particular product by rimmel which is so old I don’t even know if is still available and probably shouldn’t use it on my eyes but YOLO (don’t do this at home )and I love it because is long lasting but creamy as fuck and the shade is the most amazing blu green I have ever seen .I saw this shade on Kate moss which collaborated with them on this collection and absolutely feel In love . https://www.ebay.it/itm/Rimmel-Scandal-Eyes-Kate-Eyeshadow-Stick-Pencil-Pick-A-Shade-Brown-White-Purple-/192342225625

I think you will easily find something similar in the drugstore department and you can obsiuvsly choose your perfect color . On the more pricer side of the spectrum I absolutely love the Linda hallberg crayonshttps://shop.lindahallberg.se/product/happy-mood-crayon/ . They are completely Matte and smooth ,perfectly blend in like a dream .

Whatever you choose ,the key of this kind of look to me is going out of my comfort zone due to the fact that I never ever wear something in my inner corner ,always afraid that it would make my eye looks way too smaller but whenever I put a different color in it I absolutely love it and since is not black is far less harsh . I love how sexy and sultry it makes me feel . I do not wear this look a lot but when I do I seriulsly feel so good, and that’s to me I always what I love the most about makeup.

I hope you guys find some what inspiring this little blogpost as always I like to try something a little bit out of my comfort zone but always by my own rules.

That’s it for today guys ,I will see you soon folks!

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