Hi guys! How are you doing today ?I hope you are doing well, we are all gonna get trough this togheter!

Anyway ,this last couple of days I was really inspired to play with makeup but I come to the conclusion that I really struggle to talk about makeup looks and trying to describe something that would be so much better appreciated and experienced by a video or photo. But at the same time I’m like , I want to talk about makeup with you . So I tought about diving into my makeup stash ,because I don’t want to buy something new for a long long time ,and speak to you about how I would use some of these things and how I would use on its own on mix with something else . What do you think?

For someone who doesn’t wear any kind of eyeshadow whatsoever I have a lots of palettes and I want to start with this category !

The first love of my life was the Anastasia beverly hill modern renaissance palette. I remember buying it ,I remember opening it and being so excited to play with it and although I still absolutely love it I don’t think its the most versatile product in the market and it doesn’t really allow you to experiment or try something new and really enanche one color by being in contrast or in harmony with the other. That is what can happen when all the color in one palette have the same undertone or belong to the same faction of the spectrum. So what I do with this palette is use it to create the most amazing all over the lid one shadow challenge look. It’s absolutely still fun to use and the blend ability of these buttery goddesses can really help you create a smokey eye paradise.



Personaly one of the most amazing shade in this palette is primavera ,a light was all over the lid with a little bit of bronzer in the crease is really a Botticelli dream. It’s the most Wonderfull champagne that can be used as inner corner only highlighter or an all over worker.

Another gem is the most perfect mustard brown terra-cotta shade who can speak for it self and I would vote for him or her to become the president of my soul cause it’s so perfect ,honestly one of those shadow that make the all palette worth it. I am naturally drown to this kind of shade during the colder months but can really work even in the summer time as an definition in the crease shadow.

I want to keep using this pallette which always will remind me of how I started really enjoying makeup.

That’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks, and please let me know if you like this kind of blogpost!


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