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Hi guys ,how are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing great and I hope that maybe some the things I’m going to mention will help you out a little bit !

Wellness is something I always thought was a luxury way of life I couldn’t afford once why I made my mind around the though of it being useless and nonsense.

Year after year I dip my toe in various area of the wellness world like for example yoga or meditation or body product ,candles ,air diffusers and so on. And by the time goes by I more and more realize Wellness is what we decide work for us based on our lifestyle . And that’s when it all changed and it clicked something in my mind. So right now I have asked myself ,what is wellness to you ?

Is a question I encourage you to ask yourself and is far more difficult than what it seems and far more difficult to praticate on a daily base .Wellness is linked to our lifestyle in an fundamental way : what we do everyday has an impact on our mind and our body and the little change we act every day will on the long term effect our mind and our body . Wellness ,I come to the conclusion , is something we decide ,not something we necessarily buy. Is how we decide to treat ourself ,in the little moments we take on a daily base to stop and look ourself in the mirror ,and the glorious long hot shower we take with nowhere to go after except our couch .

I hope to inspire some of you with these thoughts to create and find the time and the energy to create some thing for you and only you.


My first favorite is pilates . I tried pilates a few years ago with a student discount while a was a med student and after that I told myself I would continue to do that by myself once a week and obiusvly never done it again. I always run I love running and cardio but pilates was something I did for me ,to still get the feeling of “I’m working out “and still give me a reward in the sense that , I was doing something completely different from running. It made me feel good in my body and gave me a routine ,somewhere to be at a certain time and when you are continuous studing 24\7 ,that is a huge help. Right now I am not able to get to the gym but I decided to join the sculpt society and doing once or twice a week their pilates work out and that help me so much and my confidence . Feeling good in our bodies ,well at least for me , is so important and these are money that are to well spent ,also because this app is amazing and there is something for everyone on it.

The second favorite is a combo of product from the brand legology. I discover this brand a few months ago and bought their product just to try them . This brand is targeted to cellulite and feeling heaviness in our legs and that is my number one problem when I think about my body and although these product don’t resolve any of those problem because is a pathologic condition that no creams ever will ever solve unless their are drugs ,but the process of use them was a moment to me and myself after I work out and after a hot shower . https://legology.co.uk

I bought the oil and the cream. I apply the oil with a silicon cup that create the vacuum and helps the circulation under your skin to circulate better and leave your legs feeling smooth and light . The cream is a great light textured cream that helps the oil work better. I love using them although they are a bit expensive for what their are so I don’t think you should run out and buy them but if you want to gift yourself with a special experience once or twice a week ,knock yourself out.

Another wellness routine I love doing when have time is to multi masking, in particular I love to drench my hair in really hydrating mask perfect for someone like who has damaged hair from bleaching. Hair to me is always something so boring and I rarely do anything at all to them in terms of styling but once a week I love to keep a hair mask on for an entire night and rinse it off in the morning. My favorite two at the moment are the kerastase green onehttps://www.trilab.it/kerastase-resistance-masque-therapiste-200-ml.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw26H3BRB2EiwAy32zhSJS_D34KuyRwmOmgZzLxABHF7zp6W5Et1tr_GkDiBLM4GLSUomgpRoCy2YQAvD_BwE

and obviously my beloved brio geo one https://www.cultbeauty.com/it/en/briogeo-don-t-despair-repair-deep-conditioning-mask.html?ef_id=CjwKCAjw26H3BRB2EiwAy32zhcC2nHxfPKvwJK7dbREF5CIexxKoOf5u6DdD5bVmUzxwyzuFD8IZ_RoCE0YQAvD_BwE:G:s&campaignid=9923873458&adgroupid=99426938606&network=g&device=m&keyword=+briogeo&placement=&creative=432300932781&gclid=CjwKCAjw26H3BRB2EiwAy32zhcC2nHxfPKvwJK7dbREF5CIexxKoOf5u6DdD5bVmUzxwyzuFD8IZ_RoCE0YQAvD_BwE

I love them both and to me they do the same job. The kerastase one has the plus point for smelling absolutely amazing but other than that they are the key to my hair. After years and years of damaging them and after come to the conclusion that I am lazy as fuck I keep my hair routine the most simple as possible and I just apply once a week on of the two depending on which I am using.

They left my hair feeling strong and smooth for days not just giving the impression of helping them but really going deep down the core of the hair and hydrating it from the inside.

I also have to mention my beloved olaplex number 3 because I used it religiously for years and years. I remember when it first came out everybody was talking about but I couldn’t really afford that so I searched for the ingredients to understand why it was so popular and if it was actually good. I tried and never looked back but the price for the small amount that it gives you is just too much for me. So I stopped using it and find my brio geo which lasted my a year and does the same thing.

The last wellness treat for me is to cook or run or drive and while I’m doing whatever listening to podcasts. Podcast became quickly a huge passion of mine. I started running while I was listening to some kind of podcast and I highly suggest you tried and search something you might love because there is seriously something for everyone. My obsession is https://m.soundcloud.com/thismightgetweird

If you want to have a good old laughs. They are two amazing and smart and funny as fuck women.

To feed the scientist in me I absolutely love https://www.scientificast.it/. These are an amazing group of scientists which explain all kind of scientific research in a funny and exciting way. I love them so much and highly recommend them.

But anyway, that’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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