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Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally and I hope you are safe and healthy inside your houses with your family.

Today I want to start with you a little series where I basically gonna talk a little bit more indepht about some of the product in my makeup collection that I used and abused and I still love and of course I would definitely suggest that you tried once in a lifetime. I still like buying new makeup but I am committing to use the majority of my collection before shopping again I wanto to inspire some of you to do the same and I now it can be so easy to get bored of something or forget about it and the rediscovery of a product is something we can all experience and it does feel really really good. It makes me feel like I bought some new without spending money and it does bring up memory of when I first use that product and of you are like me and can t afford a lots of things, every product has a real value and memory behind it. It’s so fun to pick up items and honestly even seeing how well used some of them are really makes me proud and lets me know that I really do loved that product.

I hope you guys are a little bit interested in this serie and let me know if you want to see more from it and if you ever feel the same about some of your products!

A great product in this series that I want to talk (again) to you about ,is in the “base ” or ” complexion ” category and is something I use basically every day and trough all of my base product I would definitely suggest to anyone this one : the so famous byterry cc cream. I have spoke and use this product so much that I seriously don’t know what to say about it anymore . It’s one of the first splurge items I bought few months ago ,actually last year and never look back from it. I love similar item and use similar one but like this one there’s nothing else. To me is the perfect base ,when you think of a use ,a glow and luminous and ethereal base that goes under everything or on its own as well ,you think of this. Is light in texture ,is luminous without make you look like c3 p0 ,it provide a soft focus effect thanks to its pearly highilits instead of a glittery one . This allows the product to be multidimoensio in it luminosity abillities and makes you skin underneath look more youthful and plump . I use the shade apricot although there are a few shades that are perfect for all year around . I mentioned this product because even if is a little bit on the pricier side it still going strong for me using it every single day and that is something very important to me when I’m spending a little bit more money than usual on an item.

Another important factor is its versatility . This item was burned to be used under any kind of foundation or bb cream ,once the name CC cream but since the luminosity is so sature I love using it on its own. That’s to me is another product I can use alone or by itself without It losing anything of its best characteristics.

To me this byterry cc cream is the most wonderful example I’ve ever tried so far for the perfect thin and light base . Its lightness makes it so comfortable , especially for someone like me who hates feeling makeup sitting on my skin or its tackiness . Its blend ability makes it quick and easy to use ,perfect for a 5 minutes makeup in the morning while we sip our first delicious coffee ,and perfect for the lazy Sunday morning when we can’t be bother with any kind of makeup and we just want to give our self a lift up and start slowly the day .

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post and I’ll see you soon folks !

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