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Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well mentally and physically .

Today I want to share with you a couple of outfits I shot in the last couple of weeks and I hope you enjoy them or left a little bit inspired !Let me know which one is your favorite and what you would wear differently !

White shirt

All black

Frodo beggins

White dress


A lots of this item are super old or vintage so I am gonna link everything I can find similar if not exactly the same but is important to me to make the effort to not copy anyone look but as I see an outfit I like to try to make it work with what I already have and not run out or on the Zara website and make a huge order. I want to make this point clear because that is exactly what I would usually do last year but I made the conscious decision to not do that anymore and be more concuss with my habits and my shopping ethic. I have not buying anything new since February and I am proud of that because Is one of the most difficult bad behavior I had.

But anyway ,I hope to inspire some of you ! I will see you soon folks ! https://www.zara.com/it/it/donna-jeans-baggy-l2083.html?v1=1445933https://www.zara.com/it/it/camicia-in-seta-morbida-p06787021.html?v1=34796269&v2=1445796https://www.zara.com/it/it/search?searchTerm=blazer%20over


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