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Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing great during this strange time . we are all gonna get trough this together and we must be and feel proud for the important period we are all living in . We must feel scared to promote an act of change even if is in our homes ,that’s where we must start . I am so excited to see all the Wonderfull people that are protesting and showing support in the streets ,it’s a pleasure for th eyes and we need to continue to do that and be united more than ever.

But anyway ,today I’m showing you what’s in my summer makeup bag . Not that I have four makeup bags all different for all the four season but basically I decided to switch some products and create a makeup bag full with all of the products that I especially use in the summer time .

I think that all of these products can be use in all of the four direct season but I though that could give their best with more of a bronze skin ,but please always feel free to use what the fuck you want and when you want cause there’s no rules ,we do what makes us feel good .

The first product that I grap without even have to think about it is my blush topper from fonts beauty in the shade trippin. https://www.fentybeauty.com/match-stix-shimmer-skinstick/FB30004.html

I love how on the website they define this stick shade as a gold-glazed apricot. I think they have the best dude who choose the name for their shades cause it’s basically perfection . Who though that font beauty has think about everything. LOL

But anyway ,name apart ,is a Wonderfull stick blush that double as an highlighter and I love to apply it on the apple of my cheeks and blending it up on my temple area as an highlighter and it just gives you this golden sunset orange magic shine on your skin who makes you look like a bronze goddess. I can only image how gorgeous it could look on a freckle skin . OMG. I bought this gem last summer and went on a little vacation with some of my friend and literally use it on everyone skin and looked good on everybody . The fact that is a stick formula is so easy to use and apply . It’s a highly recommended one.

The second product is my Kevin actin Neo bronzer . I have recently talk about it in my latest blog where I talk about those products that I don’t use often enough just because is the classic red toned terra-cotta bronzer and on me really can work only if I am a little bit bronze up and what better time than the summer months ? The formula is impeccable ,smooth as butter ,satin at the right point without being too matte or glittery. Again ,highly recommend it. I’m going to link the blog where I talk about down below . https://kevynaucoinbeauty.com/products/the-neo-bronzer-1?variant=19738424016983

The third product I chose is my latest mascara addiction which is the Marc Jacob velvet noir mascara .https://www.marcjacobsbeauty.com/velvet-noir/major-volume-mascara/MJ20013.html . The key here is that in the summer time I definitely wear less and less of makeup (although it doesn’t seem like it since this list if 4000 km long) and wearing less makeup to me means that I have less base ,less eyeshadow but to keep the definition where I want it to be and that to me means ,bronzer on the temple (cause I have a freaking giant forehead )and volume on my lashes . My lashes are short an blonde and in the summer time the basically become invisible (more than usual ) so in this period of the year I definitely gravitate more towards the more volumizing mascaras on the market. You don’t need this particular mascara but I am actually liking it although I’m not gonna lie is definitely not so long lasting if I put in my bottom lashes so maybe if you like me love a little bit of definition in there ,I loved the loreal paradise one (although I don’t think I am going to bought anything more from them since how they are behaving as a brand in this period of time ).

Another summer Oscar nominated product is my newest blush purchase from Nars called Taj Mahal .https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/blush-taj-mahal/0607845040200.html . Taj Mahal is a in your face orange sparkle blush and I love to use it on its own or on top of the font beauty trippin sticks and I know it can be a lot for someone but to me the key here is to not fucking care and second to go light handed because this blush is definitely a more pigmented one and as you guys know I’m not a fan of super pigmented blushes cause I like to being able to layer them on ,but once I learned that it works its magic .

For lips in this makeup bag I choose the lip oil of the season ,the Nars lip gloss in the shade Laguna. https://www.narscosmetics.com/USA/oil-infused-lip-tint/999NAC0000109.html I have already spoke about it in many ways and trough many photos https://www.instagram.com/anthisei._/ but with the photos I wanted to give you and I tried my best to make you feel the comfort that this product gives by hydrating your lips and make them feel smooth and shiny and supple . It is an amazing lip tint oil infused the gives your lips a bronzed look ,to me is like a bronzer for your skin . It makes them look like their best In the most natural way ,like your lips have gone to vacation and came Back home bronzed ,relaxed and sexy .

I decided to put in a bonus product which is to me the perfect summer night out eyeshadow and I know I said I don’t wear anything on my eyes and I do ,but this would definitely be my exception . It is the lid lacquer by Surratt which you guys know I am obsessed with and I want to try so much more of in the shade Kira Kira https://www.surrattbeauty.com/collections/product-group-lid-lacquer . Again I have already spoke about it in my blog but to me it is the perfect glossy lid with no shade at all . It is simple ,the most simple eyeshadow you will probably ever try but that’s what I love the most about it because it gives you a gloss finish on your lids the most easy way possible.

I think these products can work out together or separately in the most harmonic and equilibrated way and I hope you guys enjoy this blog post and I will see you soon folks!

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