Hi guys,how are you doing today? I hope you are doing well in this strange strange time we are living in . As much as is hard and difficult I’m proud of being part of it and its transformation . I think it’s important taking part and always educated ourself ,keep on learning even if it means making mistakes or stay silent for a while . I will always stay beside women and all of the other minorities that are still being bullied ,underestimated ,treated wrong and I will always as I’ve always did do my best to help them if they want my help of course and stand behind and learn from them . I’m sorry about this little rumble but I consider myself a very political and loud person and not touching even a little bit the situation we are all living in is unnatural to me and I think it’s important that we all keep the conversation rolling in the everyday life.

Today guys I tough about some of the makeup products that I love but I find myself not using them enough mostly because I keep falling in some kind of a routine and grab the makeup products that I leave ,cause I’m so organized and tidy is my second name ,on my desk . Those are my ride or die products ,the ones that I know are gonna work and I keep using every single time I do my makeup . You see ,sometimes being messy has its pros cause where I left some of them and how I keep using them it’s a sign in itself of who are the ones I really can trust or do my makeup blind basically . Sometimes our routine is really speaking to us ,although I know I have to get a little bit more organized when it comes to my desk .

But anyway ,the other day I was inspire to do a blogpost about the make up products that I don’t use enough because I want to use the products I spent my money on to death and really get the cost per wear of them .

The first is my Kevin actin Neo bronzer . I bought this bronzer because I wanted to try something from this brand which I’m really intrigued in . This bronzer is finished in my makeup bag and is not living in on my desk because since I found my Nars paradise found powder bronzer I cannot stop using it as you guys know it has rapidly become my number one.

I want to start using my Kevin actin more first because the texture of the powder is light and creamy ,its consistency allow the powder to blend in your skin dreamy and smoothly as a cream product with the perfect soft focus effect of a great finelymild powder .What a little bit throw me off fora while from this bronzer is that I was too pale for it because it’s definitely a more warm and terra-cotta shades bronzer. It reminds me so much of those classic estate Lauder or guerlan terra-cotta that come out every year for summer and are basically the perfect reddish brown ,which as you guys know works wonderfully in the summer months when we are a little bit more bronzed up but as soon as I get a one or two shade lighter I cannot work it out unless I use the tiniest amount and as you guys already know I’m too much of a lazy ass to spent more then 5 minutes to make a bronzer works (even more lazy now that I found a bronzer that works amazingly in summer and in the fall ).

I am committing to use it more now that I know it can give to me its best potential and will work to the maximum .Kevin Acuin is a brand in which I’m so interested in and want to try something new as much as I can .https://kevynaucoinbeauty.com/products/the-neo-bronzer-1?variant=19738424016983

The second item in my makeup collection is the it cosmetics your skin but better cc cream .This product is amazing ,is truly a gem to try . It is basically the perfect base foundation slash bb cream ,it’s light and dewy . It has a satin finish without being too luminous and It provides the perfect glow . I can’t say nothing wrong about this product ,the way it gives your face a lift from within ,an instant luminosity and youthful effect is nothing else and it is the perfect product for those morning when you look in the mirror and don’t really know where to start and it save the day for you. The more full coverage can even allows you to not even bother wearing concealer and with one pump pf it and. good blending motion you have your base done in 2 minutes .

This Wonderfull product does not live on my desk simply because as you guys know I don’t wear products that has a lot of coverage and this one definitely does . To me it’s a little bit too much coverage on a daily bases but I think it’s the perfect base on a classic cold winter morning where our skin may be not so luminous and maybe a little bit grey to really lift it up or for a night out where we want to put a little bit more effort in our routine .

As you guys can see this a really versatile product for our base and I would highly recommend if you have not tried it.


Another Wonderfull product I don’t use enough is this amazing blush by Patrick ta beauty https://patrickta.com/products/monochrome-moment-velvet-blush . This product in itself is the dream of every instagrammed ,because its packacing is a stunning piece of art. I think is one of my favorite packaging in a very long time and as I have already said a few times is one of my favorite launch in terms of makeup brand in a long time . I love when a makeup artist shows her or his personality in his or her products and to me this was the case . I love that he launched 3 or 4 product all targeted towards his obsessions and his piece de resistance ,the glow. Every makeup look he did on stars and celeb you can clearly see where he made his personal touch and the results are always stunning and makes everyone he put his hands on a glowing goddess . So his launch was a monochrome paradise , a few lip pencil (which I am obsessed with ) coordinated with blushes and glow body oil (which I am forcing myself to not always drench myself in every time I have my legs out because is pretty expensive considered is like a 30 ml bottle or something like that LOL.

But anyway ,the blush in this scenario is the one product that I want to use more and more because the shade is absolutely perfect. I think is the perfect shade for a light flush in the summer ,something very mild and barely visible ( I love this kind of look in the summer ,that light flush of color on the cheeks) and I love a more statement blush in the fall and the winter time where our skin is less bronzed up and the colors made them appearance in a more visible way and we can experiment more with colors and darker lips . The color is amazing ,at least the one I have ,but the texture is nonetheless on point . As you guys already probably know I love a powder product that don’t have a tone of pay off and you can slightly built it up if you want and you can really work your blush in and let the particles of the powder stick trough the bristles of the brush and deposit on your skin by layer on layer in the quantity you want . I love a product that works with me and I feel I can have the control in my hand and not let me drag around by it. This blush need to stay more on my desk and I need to use it more and more because is just amazing.

That’s it for today guys ,let me know if you have some product that you maybe need to use more and if you have tried any of these items . I will see you soon folks!

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