Hi guys, how are you doing today ?I hope you are all doing good in this strange and scary but very important time.

Today I want to share with you a little review about a few new products that I actually bought three months ago but due to the corona situation couldn’t get it until the other week. I was at that time in the need for a new concealer and I wanted to try some more expensive items like the hourglass one that I’m showing you.

I don’t think I need to say anything about the packaging because if you know a little bit about the brand you already know they are the Ferrari of the make up industry . These products are no exception .

The stick foundation was something that scares me a lot ,simply because a stick formula to me is associated with a more dry texture but since first use I was completely wrong and I was blown away by how balmy and creamy the product is. If you ,like me ,are scary about this kind of formula ,try this one because is just amazing . It is definitely a little bit more full coverage that what I’m used to but this particular line is targeted with a more full coverage and flawless finish so that’s simple as that. The practicality of the packaging and the formula works really well and although right now this shade I bought three months ago is too light I’m definitely gonna rock this out this fall because is really easy to use and quick and that’s what we all need when we are in a rush and for someone like me who would sell my soul for five more minute in the morning to sleep ,that ‘s really important.

When it comes to the concealer i am really enjoying it and it’s hard to say because it’s really full coverage and as you guys know I barely wear any kind of concealer most of the time so it’s definitely a different kind of vibe and look but nonetheless I really love it. It’s not drying at all under my eyes and I love how wide their range shade is .You really need only a few dots of it and you can really blend it and work it in your skin ,the more it blends the more flawless finish it gives you.

I want to mention a few brushes I bought to go with the concealer and the foundation because I really needed a few brush to blend in cream products and these zoeva ones are really good quality with a good price point .

The last mention is the latest product in the hourglass family and is the soft focus veil setting spray . This took me a good few uses before getting my mind around it because I didn’t see any kind of results from it for a while but that was because using this product you really need to first of all, shake it well and since the myst is the most fine and air like texture you will ever experience ,you really need to get in there and spray a lot of this magic wand . Once I started not being so shy when I was applying it I started seeing the difference and it really gives the most natural soft focus effect ,that’s really not so surprising since the first two ingredient are water and glycerin . Is not something that I will run out and buy whenever I will finish it because to me ,for someone like me ,who doesn’t really wear make up every day and don’t really care if it doesn’t last too much because I wear so little quantity of it that it doesn’t make any difference a setting spray is definitely a plus product ,something that since I bought it I will use it but I will not miss it if I don’t have it on my table .

That’s it fo today guys ,I hope you enjoy this little review of these amazing pdocuts and that’s important when I spend much more money than usual on an item that this product work well and is worth it.

Hope you are doing well and I’ll see you soon folks!

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  1. I’ve heard great things about this foundation, I think Rawkristibeauty uses it a lot. How does it hold up in the heat?

    1. Yes! She uses it a lot! I live in Italy and right now we are not getting too much heat waves but I wore it a full day last week and it lasted me trough sweat and sun pretty good. Although I must say, for my personal preference I don’t think I’m going to wear it when we will reach the standard 30 °C 😉

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