Hi guys! How are you doing today ? Today I want to share with you my love and passion for this product . I know I’ve already spoke about it in my latest favorites of the months but I just wanted to talk a little bit more about it.

After I wrote about it in my blogpost I realize that maybe I could spoke a little bit more about it. Because lets be honest ,this particular product is the classic luxury piece that no-one would ever splurge on because is just some water in a nice bottle and that’s ok, you do you. I know ,as I’ve said before that is not the most hydrating product on the market ,or the most miraculous myst in the world but to me it is my favorite and I will repurchesed it because sometime in our life we met that one product that change the way we look at our self and as dramatic as it sound this product does this to me. This is the classic well done product that not only gives you good ingredient and nice packaging and results but I also gift you a nice experience at every use. The glow it gives and the refresh effect are nice of course but it not only gives you that ,it gifts you with a moment for yourself and even if it 2 seconds of look out of the window close your eyes of stretch your shoulders ,that to me is priceless . Leaving this product on my desk is the best thing I’ve ever did . It’s the Coffeys pause for someone who know can’t physically drink more coffee or is gonna get palpitations ,is the spritz of fresh air for someone who is on a smelly train or plain ,is the relaxation kick for someone who is aggressively respond to some stupid emails . It a small black bottle of small moments like this. And that’s to me is when you are doing a great job and know exactly what are you doing.

I’m saying all of these random shits because something beauty products are not just object or stuff and I am aware of how dangerous can be saying something like this even in this current time but I think that you can Sundstrand what I’m saying. To me use something that makes me feel good refreshed and beautiful deep down in my mind is a ritual and we often forget that beauty and makeup and skincare are rituals to celebrate ourself and ourself only. Don’t we ever forget that.https://odacite.com/products/rose-neroli-hydra-vitalizing-treatment-mist

That is it for today guys and I will see you soon !

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