Hi guys! How are you doing today ?I hope you are all doing well! Today I want to share with you my monthly favorites. WHAT A MONTH TO BE ALIVE AM I RIGHT ?

Let’s begin!


As the previous month I’ve not been wearing a lots of makeup this month so I don’t have many favorites but the one I have are life changing I’m not gonna lie. The first is my bronzer for life ,I’ve already spoke about it so many times I can’t stand here and talk again about it but is my new Nars Paradise found powder bronzer. As I’ve already told you if you have a slightly yellow undertone skin and light to medium shade ,you like me ,will absolutely love this product because it has the perfect tone and undertone ,it allows you to create a sun kissed look but also carve your cheekbones in the most natural way. The texture in itself is game changing because is a powder to cream formula that apply softly ,is consistent so that it doesn’t leave any strikes or patches creating an easy to use powder that anyone will love I think. Highly recommend it.https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/paradise-found-bronzing-powder/0607845018254.html

The second makeup favorite of the month is my new hello fab bendy avocado concealer. The strangest name for a concealer or a makeup product in general but anyway ,I love this product because is exactly what I want in a concealer : hydration to the max , not too much coverage , a peachy subtitle undertone. These three elements togheter allow you to create the perfect youthful and glowing look for your undereye area. The texture is light and easy to blend with your finger or with a brush for a more soft focus effect but if you guys like and want a full coverage type of product this might not be for you. As you guys know I love a sheered coverage concealer and I must be honest I barely use one but the fact that my concealer will left my skin under it shine trough is crucial to me to achieve the perfect nomakeup makeup which you guys know I absolutely love. To me this is a Wonderfull product to replace my beloved maybellin age rewind which I loved for many many decades but I think it has become too dry for my old as fuck undereye .Glad I found this gem.https://www.lookfantastic.it/first-aid-beauty-hello-fab-bendy-avocado-concealer-4.8g-various-shades/11890850.html


This product fall for me right in the middle of skincare valley and makeup forest, right beside the Helm ditch. I’m talking about the Odacitè vitamin myst. This brand was a new discovery to me this winter and only recently I’ve get used to use it every single day. This brand is woman droven and want to create a clean and conscious luxury brand. That sound amazing to me but the product in itself is amazing. Is a fine treatment myst based on rose and neroli plus aloe and other amazing juice that gives the skin not only a pleasure spritz for our nose but also gives a smooth and luminous effect right away . I don’t use this product to hydrate or glow per se ,I use this product to top them up. I am always studying and reading at a desk and leaving this beautyful black glass bottle on my desk has become a beautiful ritual so apply on my face from time to time as a pick me up. Don’t get me wrong I know that sound so bugy and excessive but I think is also a way to keep the skin hydrated all day long and gives your self a tap on your shoulder to stop for a moment and think ,good job dude. After all ,life is made of small moment like this and be gentle to ourself is the most important step.https://odacite.com/products/rose-neroli-hydra-vitalizing-treatment-mist

The last makeup / skincare favorites is my Dr. Lipp original nipple balm. I bought this randomly on beauty bay and I’m really enjoying it . I use it on my lips over night and since I’ve taken the habit of selftanning and I’m even more dry than before if that would have been even possible I use it on my nipples and they really leave being so soft and not dry as hell. I really like this product and I know is kind of expensive for the small amount of product but I must say ,you only need the smallest amount of it and even if I use it every day it s been going strong .Highly recommend it. https://www.drlipp.com/product/original-nipple-balm-15


I’ve already spoke about this series so many times but I just love this format so much and I hope they will come back one day ,I’m talking about This might get wired series on YouTube. I binged watched this show many times already and it has become a way to put me to sleep with a smile on my face and during this terrible times I don’t think there is nothing more I can ask for.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6qM1-K69UGys_BnilnWZ7w

The other random favorite are my nike short . I love running and doing sports in general and I bought this pair of short last year and never spoke about them and I use them every single day. That say something I guess. They are light like air ,full of easy and comfortable pockets so that I can put my keys and phone in them and as a chubby and curvy girl I always get my inner thigh red by rubbing them onto each other and I get Sto frustrated when I try some short and they are so short and adherent that I’m like ,well if you are not a model don’t wear them. These one have a double pair of shorts under so that this bit stay attached to your thigh allowing you to not put yourself on fire like I always do. And at the end of the day ,putting on not your older brothers old soccer pants makes you feel better when you run .https://www.nike.com/it/t/shorts-da-running-icon-clash-zbqXj3/CJ2429-601

The last favorites of the months are the Caroline hirons live igtv. I love that woman so much and I’ve been really loving get to watch her lives . It just became a ritual where I would stop studying by the time she goes live ,pour me a glass of wine and round up the day . I don’t think I need to tell who is she cause she’s a fucking legend but if you are curios about skincare and love to learn more about it while having fun ,follow her immediately and thank me later. https://www.youtube.com/user/dixierae25

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