Be bold ,don’t ever shrink yourself .

Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing well and are all safe and secure at home .

Here in Italy summer has finally made her scene in full mode and the sunsets lights are keeping us company in the last part of the day warming our thoughts and souls. Enough poetry for today. Maybe I will come with something new next time I’m on the wc.

Recently I’ve been seeing all over instagram these beautiful bright pink makeup looks and I love trying them out but when I was doing my makeup I stopped for a moment and thought, in itself shocking I know, “ok but how about make these more wearable ?” And don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about making something born to be bold less out there or loud , I’m talking about not having a bright neon pink shadow in our make up collection because we are all different and we might have different taste, thank you Jesus, but maybe still want to try these different look from time to time without splurging on something that we might use once. I’m definitely guilt of this habit and I ‘m working on myself to stop doing that, slowly… Slowly . It’s not easy for someone like me who absolutely love makeup and trying new and different things and looks but I’m going to be more and more conscious in my shopping habits. Also poornes helps me get to the end goal. See, not all bad things come for bad reasons.

But anyway, For being able to do that I’m going to the source of my Inspo : Instagram. To me instagram has always been the number one source for when I want to fill up my creativity and finding inspiration . But after a few years I’ve noticed that creativity is not something you need to charge or fill but to burst and set on fire , at least thats how my mind work. it burst in little spam of time but it really gives me so much energy and serenity and satisfaction . And the way I was using insta was basically transforming it in all of the same photos ,all was becoming the same ,everything to me seemed like something that I had already seen and of course in 2020 we are not going to invent something new ,we are not protons ,but we can find our way . And to do that I understand that I need to let everything that is not insta letting me to inspire me . I admire so much those who are able to create and be creative with literary everything there is around them, to me it’s such a difficult thing and maybe that’s what it is, not being a creative person so goodnight everyone.

All of these useless rumble to say that ,the old selene at the first pink makeup look would have run out and purchased a bunch of pink eyeshadow using them once and never seen them again. Today I wanted to reproduced the look because I m one of those who actually love wearing bold colors on my lids ,but also creating a more conscious version of it using blush as eyeshadow and allowing us to create and try . Maybe we can fall in love maybe not ,who knows (THE SUSPENS IS TANGIBLE) Either way ,we try something new , go out of our comfort zone and not throw away money. LOL

I know creativity can be a tricky subject and thats’s just a tiny bit look into my thoughts about it ,also I’m very new in this field because all my life I’ve been studying astrophysic and medicine and I’ve always been told what to do and what to study so I’m making my way in this More creative field making mistakes and learning from them. But let me know what you think cause I think it’s a very interesting subject .

The makeup look in itself is very easy because we are talking about the classic one shadow look so the key is blend and apply blend and apply and so on.

As the more similar look I’ve used once again my morphe x Jaklyn Hill palette volume 2 using the neon pink in it and a light transition shade in my crease . Boom ,done. I personally love the look even without the liner bits but you do you . I love this makeup look ,I think it’s really fun and the pinky tones screams summer to me . Shocking ,I know .

In the effort to create a similar look I basically avoid using any kind of eyeshadow I own and I apply a soft Layer of my Patrick ta beauty she’s pass blush all over the lid and a soft touch of my bronzer in the crease. This allow me to create a more pastel look and from that point on to intensify if I want and reaching the more full coverage look.

These looks , both of them are very simple to achieve and their simplicity is the perfect starting point for us to first try to create with what we have and not necessarily go out and buy something new every time.

The base is a little bit more heavy than usual with this kind of look ,if the eyes are more constructed and defined , I want to my base to mimic that so that is all in harmony and equilibrium otherwise it can look like we spend so much time doing the eyes and then we get tired and skip the rest and that is not a cute look lol. I use my it cosmetic cc cream and my bendy avocado concealer and those togheter give me the most beautiful full coverage but luminous as fuck look, this combo is becoming my favorite more coverage base 8keep in mind that I love a no makeup makeup look and barely wear any kind of coverage so this might be not a full coverage for you if you are used to some products like the tart shape tape or something like that ) but they are the perfect base if you ask me for this kind of eye look allowing you be more put togheter but still let your skin shine trough and be glowing as fuck.

For bronzer and blush nothing new here ,I went in with my favorite Nars bronzer because its undertone not too cold not too warm tied up tighter the look without make you too bronzed up and scalp the cheeks in the perfect and seamless way . The same concept I apply for the blush area which to be fair I would let even bare with this bronzer but since I have the perfect nude blush I use it just to let the eyes really pop and is by jouer cosmetics in the shade adore me. I ve already spoke about it so many time but if are in the market for the perfect nude blush ,look no further .

A little bit of Nars fort de France as a soft highlighter and a glossy lip and you are good to go. I saw a lots of Wonderfull full matte nude lips with this looks but all of my nude didn’t really work with the eyes so I let them shine with a touch of gloss . This would be the classic example of one color and two completely different vibe and results as far as you prefer of course! The most soft and sweet

That’s it for today guys I hope we can continue to share our thoughts and I’ll see you soon folks !

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