Hi guys! How are you doing ?I hope you are doing great and are seeing the end of your quarantine time wherever you are in the world.

I’m still finding super difficult to go outside and enjoying my normal life but I guess we all feel this way in different kind of way so ,keep strong and be patience are the key world here. But anyway ,today we are talking about something that I can only imagine has already bombarded your minds in the last months ,we are here to talk about makeup .

Today I want to share with you the make up products I use basically every time I wear makeup. I’m sure I’ve already done some sort of this post but since I’ve reached some kind of collection I forced myself to rotate products and make sure I use all of them and not waist them and money, so this kind of routine keep change from time to time.

Since summer has basically arrived and it’s already hottt in here (quote Nelly )I find my self reaching less and less for any kind of base product . Nothing has changed here since I’m still absolutely obsessed with my tacha diamond serum . I don’t think I need to say anything about it because I’ve already bored you to death with how much I’ve talked about it. The lightness in texture and formula and the glow it provides makes it the perfect base no matter what ,I keep going back to it.



As you guys probably already know I don’t use a lots of concealers and in this period of time there’s no exception . I barely use it and when I do I’m really loving my newest addition ,the hello fab bendy avocado concealer. I had high hopes for this product and it didn’t disappoint me. It’s the perfect product if you ,like me ,love a more natural undereye look ,with barely any coverage but a very hydrated and youthful goal. It’s not too brightening ,it doesn’t take on any texture and it just gives a natural and juicy look. I absolutely love it.

The next step for me is bronzer and there’s nothing new here except I find my all time favorite bronzer of the entire world and in all of the galaxies . Don’t know if I have been clear enough but I hope on mars women use this bronzer if not I’m gonna bring it to them and let them thank me later . It’s the Nars paradise found bronzer and I don’t know how much I can still talk about it without receiving a restricting order from nars. So I’m gonna stop. But not really . https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/paradise-found-bronzing-powder/0607845018254.html

In terms of highlighter I know it sounds shocking but I’m not really wearing a lots of it . I KNOW .WHO EVEN AM I ?I find myself really loving the natural sweat I get from sitting one second outside whenever I have to and that’s that. But ,when I want to feel like a neutron star collision I use my ride or die Nars fort de France . Again ,already talk about it so much that I think I have to start creating a new language like Tolkien and use new adjectives because this product is on another level ,is something I can imagine Legolas would kill someone just to wear it once, and if that doesn’t help you get how much I love it then I don’t know why and we definitely can’t be friend because I die for the lord of the ring. I went on a slightly large target there but next step is blush. https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/polvere-illuminante-albatross/0607845052210.html

I’m falling everyday more in love with ,yet another Nars product . I’m talking about Taj Mahal blush which Is basically a true orange sparkly with gold reflects all over it . It’s a little bit intense and can be scary I’m not gonna lie but if you go in with a light touch and really work it in till your cheekbones it provides you the most wonderful golden orange cheeks look and works as a blush and blush topper in one and that is another reason why I’m not really using highlighter right now. https://www.narscosmetics.com/USA/taj-mahal-blush/0607845040200.html?bvroute=Review%2F1040619783&bvstate=pg:12/ct:r?utm_source=facecake&utm_medium=Blush%20-%20try-on&utm_campaign=Taj%20Mahal

I find that the combination of the bronzer and the blush just gives you the most ethereal flush look in such a natural yet editorial way . I think they work really well togheter if you want to achieve the classic summery hot sweaty mess look that I absolutely love apparently . I want to give a brief mention to my new brushes . I’ve recently purchased two complexion powder brushes ,one from the Sephora range called 91 and although I initially bought it for a powder that I’ve yet to buy and try I stated to apply my bronzer with it and absolutely feel in love with how it apply . It’s really big but not too fluffy ,it has a good amount of density to it so that you can achieve an overall bronzy messy look but still be precise as you want with the application . A completely different achievement with the other brush which is from makeup forever ,the Ferrari of the makeup brand and it’s a double ended one with a more tapered end a more fluffy one which allows you to apply blush and highlighter in the most precise way and although at the beginning I was a little bit in difficult it really grew on me and I really started loving it .

Now that we have covered the base ,in terms of eyes and lips the game is pretty simple. I am obsessed with the Charlotte tilbury full fat lashes mascara which I don’t consider a really volumizing mascara but in terms of lengthening it’s my favorite mascara I’ve ever tried so far . Absolutely obsessed . If you have like me the dream of waking up one day and have the lashes of that child that drove you crazy on that plane but at the same time you couldn’t stop looking at because of him lashes ,then you should try this baby ,the mascara not the actual baby . I have short and blonde lashes and I’m not particularly cute with no make up so to me mascara is that one item that I cannot skip even if it s the only I’m gonna wear ,butt naked but always with mascara on it’s my motto in life.


In terms of lips ,I change idea and product so much that I can’t really put my finger on something but I can only say that some kind of glossy product is always the way to go right now. An hydrated and juicy lips is something I’m definitely obsessed with and I’m definitely thinking of getting my lips done but I’m too lazy to do it so thats that. My personality in one phrase.

Some absolutely gems re the font beauty gloss bomb glosses and the mars lip oil I’ve recently purchased and already spoke about it . With gloss you want to look a little bit further into the ingredients because I’ve made the mistakes too many times of not gibing a fuck fand then finding my lips getting drier and drier the more I apply it because they were full of vaseline and glycerin and instead of hydrate them ,drying them out like the fucking Sahara .


But anyway ,that’s it for today guys ,let me know how you are doing your makeup at the moment and if like any of these products and I’ll see you soon folks! STAY SAFE OUT THERE !

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