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Today I’m back with another blog post about my game changing products in my make up collection.

At the moment I’m not really wearing a lots of make and I’m neither super inspired to try something new but that’s the time when I can take a step back and I’m really drowned to those few items I really like and want to use. No matter how old or how new they are this are the products that have change the game for me in terms of make up routine.

It’s not a surprising one I think if you follow me for a while now because I spoke about this product like a maniac. It’s my diamond serum by Tata harper https://global.tataharperskincare.com/shop-all/concern/illuminating-moisturizer-30ml

The fact that has diamonds powder in it makes it ultra special but as boogy as it can sound it really provides a beautiful and elegant glow from within and that’s the best thing about it. I have already said that a million times but I just love how it perfectly fill the gap between skincare and makeup allowing you to use it as luminous primer and going in with a more structured and effective makeup routine or, as I prefer to use it, as a soft focused luminous base to create the perfect no make makeup look. It’s the best. Highly recommend it.

The second favorite in this series is my newest addition in terms of powder bronzer and I’ve already spoke about it in my previous blog post so I’m not gonna go too in depth about it but it is my beloved nars paradise found bronzer https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/paradise-found-bronzing-powder/0607845018254.html

As I’ve already told you guys it’s my all time favorite bronzer I’ve ever tried and that’s that.

The third product is the Charlotte tilbury full fat lashes mascara. I know, a mascara is just a mascara, how actually good can it be right? Well if you are like me and basically have zero lashes and look like a boy without some sort of definition and length right there, then you ca understand me. This mascara is by far my favorite I’ve tried so far. It gives me length and volume but in such a natural and elegant way that it really is a misery how it can work so well. But I’m happy it does because I use it every single day.https://www.charlottetilbury.com/it/product/full-fat-lashes-glossy-black

The fourth product is another nars product, inspired by this amazing woman https://instagram.com/mariahlleonard?igshid=1ohevfh9lkdzo. I’ve already express my obsession for her so I’m not gonna talk too much about her but basically I bought so many new things that I’m absolutely loving and she also inspired me to create and create out of my comfort zone in a way I’ve never experienced before. She’s a tru legend and I think she deserves much more social attention than what she has but anyway, I was in the market for a new highlighter and she was raving about this one so I bought it and immediately feel in love. It’s the nars fort de france highliter https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/polvere-illuminante-albatross/0607845052210.html. This is the most amazing powder highlighter I’ve ever used. The texture it’s thin like air but performs like the most bendable and light cream. When she spokes about how it feels like a gel I truly can relate to that because it’s exactly what it does. It is so easy so layer it up and to blend without it leaving on the surface of your skin. The texture is glossy, the skin become glass and luminous with a soft focus effect. It blow me away every time I use it. Highly recommend it. And to me, a creamy product raver gal like me, to say something like that about a powder formula, IT’S A LOT.

The fifth and last product I want to briefly mention is a lipstick formula. I’ve already spoke about it a million times and it was featured in my year’s favorites but nothing that I’ve tried so far have made me change my mind about it. I’m talking about the huda beauty matte lipsticks in general, there are so many amazing shades that I can’t decide on one cause that would be atrocious but in general the formula and the textures are impecable. Highly recommended. https://hudabeauty.com/us/en_US/blog/powerful-matte-power-bullet-lipsticks-51301.html

To me these are the true game changing products in my make up collection that I’ve discovered so far. I’ve been really restricted in the process because I only wanted to include those one who truly made me feel like from now on, whenever I’m searching for a new lipstick or highlighter they are gonna be my term of comparison and not just a few favorites products.

But anyway, that’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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