Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great and I hope you are safe and healthy inside your houses with your family.

This morning I was doing my skincare routine and using a particular product that for some strange reason I’ve only realized this morning how much I actually care about it and how well it performs on my skin.

Not only it was a product I wasn’t sure about when I bought it but also I thought it was kind of nonsense. How wrong I was.

These are the game changing products in my skin-care morning routine!

The first honorable mention goes to the product that inspired this blog post and it’s the fresh beauty essence https://www.fresh.com/us/kombucha-antioxidant-essence-H00004384.html

This essence has kombucha, hyaluronic acid and mandarin peel extract in it which all provides an antioxidant action and hydration. The texture is like water and a couole of drops goes a long way. An essence is the first step I do after I cleanse and it create a base to all the products i put on top to help them perform well and in a more efficient way. It’s thinnest layer in my skin-care morning routine and it acts like a primer for all of the rests. I find myself using it every single day and I really see a difference in my hydration level. It’s not something that has a crazy amount of beneficial effects in itself but it allows all of the other products to perform better and give to my skin al the results I want. Highly recommend.

The second favorite in this series is my new vitamin c serum. This one is by glow recipe https://www.glowrecipe.com/products/pineapple-c-bright-serum

This serum is full of natural antioxidants extract from the pineapple juice and ascorbic acid. These molecules gently exfoliate the skin which the acids actions providing a glass looking skin and the most wonderful smoothness. The texture of my skin started to change when I use this product in conjunction with the Luna oil from Sunday Riley. My skin is smooth but also exfoliate and bright. My complexion has never been so luminous and youthful and I am seriously addicted to it. It’s a step i cannot and will never slip anymore.

The third product is my sunday Riley luna oil which I’ve already spoke about it a million times so I’m not gonna talk about it but as I’ve already said, the combo of using a retinoids treatment in the pm and the vitamin c in the am has tremendously changed my skin in a way I’ve never been able to even dreamd of. Highly recommend inject those two steps in your routine.

The fourth product is my new eye cream for my morning skin care routine. Also from Sunday Riley and 100 % purchased because Caroline hirons, this light weight cream has a instantly lifting effect on my under eye area providing an 8 hours sleep look immediately. It is as I’ve already said a million times a cup of coffee for my under eye bag. It’s amazing how it actually works immediately and it’s not super rich so that I can wear makeup on top and it looks wonderfully. It contains caffeine, ACMELLA OLERACEA EXTRACT and a great antioxidant which lutein.

Highly recommend it and here is the queen in itself. https://www.carolinehirons.com/


An honorable mention goes to my myst from odacite. It’s a brand I’ve never heard before started by this amazing woman born in France and living in California whose aim is to produce high quality products with good ingredients. This myst is a luxurious treat i apply trough out the day whenever I want a little bit of refresh and although I don’t see a massive difference in the texture of m skin it provides a wonderful glow and sometimes we just can’t ask nothing more, am I right?https://odacite.com/pages/a-note-from-our-founderhttps://www.carolinehirons.com/

That’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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