Hi guys! How are you doing today? Here in Italy is finally time to open the businesses and although I’m really happy for all of those workers who can start working on again I’m really scared as I guess a lot of people are.

But anyway, wherever you are in the world you are doing great and you are gonna get through this horrible time. You are not alone, ever.

On a less serious note, today I’m back after a couple of days where I seriously can’t wrap up my head around anything to talk about a new item which I’ve been testing and I can finally share with you my thoughts.

Good news everyone, I think it’s a good one.

Today I’m here to take you on vacation for a few minutes. The product in question is the latest gem by nars cosmetics called paradise found. It is indeed a fucking paradise experience using this bronzer.

First of all, the packaging is on the next level.

Nothing news from nars cosmetics in terms of outstanding packages here cause I think they probably are one of the coolest and beautiful made brands on the market. Not only the website but also the branding from the packaging to the way it is delivered to the costumers is on another level of greatness.

This product is defined as a bronzing powder and nothing more accurate than this.

The packaging is cute and bla bla bla ok, we want to know if the product in itself is good, I get it. Me too. And let me tell you, it is butter.

This product not only smells like a paradise dream but also performs like a dream.

It’s the classic but not so easy to find powder to cream finish because to the touch it’s soft and gentle, it applies to the skin like a creamy light veil of the most perfect undertone powder with a slightly satin finish which if course give the skin the most soft focus and highlighted effect. I’ve never tried anything like this before but I’m absolutely in love.

Not only I’ve found the launch just perfect cause it was basically a pletora of bronzer of all different kind and types for anyone’s desire and needs. Nothing revolutionary I know but the most simple and variety of things is what really, to me, is important in the makeup industry. Something that I know I’m gonna wear every day because it’s basically costume made for me and my skin. That’s to me is the most important thing.

I’m far more than willing to splurge on a bronzer or any kind of makeup product of i know that is absolutely perfect for me and I know that I am gonna use it till it’s fucking empty.

This is what to product represent for me. The perfect bronzer.

If the package is 10 out of 10 and the product texture and performance is also 10 out of 10, the shades are incredible. To me this is the perfect bronze tone, not too warm so that I can bronzer and not risking of seem like a caramelized onion and too cold but perfect to define my skull and cheeks.

When you find a bronzer like this you really don’t need to Sculpt or baking or anything like that cause it will bronze you up and define your cheekbones in a second. Counturing and bronzing are all included in one.

As you guys don’t already notice I highly recommend this product if you are in the market for a new bronzer because it blows me away every time I use it.


I know, it’s all covered in glittery particle but don’t worry, it’s just on the first layer of the powder, once you swathed it once it all gone and honestly I don’t mind it even with a sparkly golden dots here and there.

But anyway, who thought I could have talked for ages about a fucking bronzer but here we go.

I’m gonna use it a lot in the upcoming videos and make up tutorials so you are all gonna be able to see it in action.

That’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks

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