Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great and I hope you are safe and healthy inside your houses.

Today I want to share with you another empties review.

I’ve already told you this but I just love this kind of blog and videos because they really give us the opportunity to get an honest opinion and review about a product and of course, if it worth anything or not.

Also, it’s fucking satisfying to finish for once something in my life!

Body stuff

Lush scrub : I tried this scrub which I must say, it was a limited edition from Christmas and I must be honest I’m so lazy when it comes to body stuff that I barely ever use anything at all but since I’ve started the process of self tanning I started using scrubs and body butter. This scrubs was really amazing and effective and I don’t have much to say about a cream of salt and honey but this was a good one lol.


Saint tropez self tanning mouse : i haven’t tried anything else for self tanning products but I think is really a good product because if I, the master of butter hands, can really achive a good healthy tanning glow without screwing it up, than everyone can really achieve it. It’s super easy to use and I think you can’t really want anything more from a tanning product. https://www.sttropeztan.com/

Lanolips cream : this was one of those “I hate thick and buttery body cream who takes ages to dry out” perfect product. I loved it because it was really thin but still effective and dry super fast. Highly recommend it. https://lanolips.com.au/

Hair stuff

Pureology blonde shampoo and conditioner : I don’t know what to say about other than I’ve repurchased it 5 times already and I bought the biggest 1 kg sized from Amazon. Clear enough I think that I absolutely love it, it really gives a good wash and revitalize to the color without drying the hair out. It’s leave a minty and tingling sensation which I find super relaxing and spa like which can’t really do no wrong. Highly recommend it.https://pureology.co.uk/collections/hydrate/hydrate-shampoo

Skincare stuff

Alfa h liquid gold : I think it’s the third of fourth bottle I’ve finished up. I think it’s super effective and it’s becoming one of those products that really stand out in my skin-care routine and really make the difference in the texture and the overall luminosity of the skin. As I’ve already said a million times, exfoliate it’s a step you should never skip, or at least, I and my skin cannot skip because it literally change the game for me. It allows to get rid of any layer of death cells on the surface and allow the products I put on top to really be absorbed nicely and to get better results. Highly recommend it.https://www.cultbeauty.com/it/en/alpha-h-liquid-gold-night-treatment-serum.html?ef_id=Cj0KCQjwncT1BRDhARIsAOQF9LmaBoTVdaDkWECmbiFhoSkR_fmKYmgxZmeXJQ-uMihqFXK5Qpyt0ekaAvqMEALw_wcB:G:s&campaignid=9914620529&adgroupid=99983688869&network=g&device=m&keyword=alpha+h+liquid+gold&placement=&creative=432325926850&gclid=Cj0KCQjwncT1BRDhARIsAOQF9LmaBoTVdaDkWECmbiFhoSkR_fmKYmgxZmeXJQ-uMihqFXK5Qpyt0ekaAvqMEALw_wcB

Drunk Elephant serum : I can’t say anything bad about this product. It was a pleasure to use, easy to introduce in my skincare regime, worked out wonderfully under any kind of makeup. Thin enough to be layered over other serums and still effective. I would recommend it but since there are so many that I want to try and I’m already trying another one, for now I won’t repurchased it.https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAaXAVhohId/?igshid=1jiw0wsg174eo

That’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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