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Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great and I hope you safe and healthy inside your houses with your family and friends.

Today I want to share with you another simple as fuck makeup look. As you guys already know I’m not a makeup artist or expert at all I just love it so much, I love try something new, I love the therapeutic aspect of it and the creativity challenge it provides.

And today as no exception I want to create a new version of my favorite and definitely most use up look, the no makeup makeup look.

What I want to achieve is a no makeup makeup look taken to next level and make it more though out and more strategic in the process and application.

We are seeing all over Instagram these kind of looks, where the model looks exactly like she just went for a short run and naturally has glossy jucy lips and eyelids. And that’s obviously not the case but we can try to achieve that kind of vibe. At least we can try. OK? OK!

Calm down a little bit selene.

So the first thing is the base, a gloss, luminous to the max base. Anything with absolute no coverage and a glowy finish is absolutely perfect.

The light base gives the impression of a natural skin, the illusion of an authentic perfect skin is pumped up by the high shine of the finish. The luminosity helps reduce the appearance of some imperfections. The overall light from within of our base gives the perfect blurring effect without adding any layer of primer of foundation.

The next step is usually point correct with concealer. I would leave the under eye area alone, and if we want to correct or cover some spots or pimples or whatever you want to, to use a very precise brush and layer thin layers of product. To point conceal is the key here.

As I was saying, I would leave my under eye area alone because to achieve the most natural look, a little under eye bag moment actually help achive the overall look.

As for the blush and the bronzer I would use a creamy product or a powder one that actually works as a cream one. The key is the texture to be and act as buttery as possible, giving a glowy glass skin like look.



This Kevin acuin bronzer is one of my latest favorite product because it’s so buttery and the color is perfect for an overall sunny flash look. The key is to find products like these which although are powder act like creamy.

By applying the bronzer in stabbing motion and strategically in certain areas, I really can achive a more precise bronzy look. I’ve always loved to use the same brush for bronzer and blusher because it ties the look together and I always try to not being able to see where the bronzer starts and where the blusher ends. I love to create an overall wash of colors perfectly melting together.

At the moment I’m obsessed with this combo of bronzer by Kevin acuin and this blush from nars called Taj mahal. A try orange coral shade with a gold sheen. It’s truly a summer dream if you, like me, love an orange look.

Since this blush is already so shiny I’m not gonna use an highlighter but you do you.

For the eyes I’m also obsessed with this amazing surratt lidlaquer in the shade Kira Kira which is basically a gloss thin creamy eyeshadow with no color paioff at all. It’s just going to give you a glossy finish to your eyelid and I’m just in love with it.

Apply a tone of mascara and you are good to go.https://www.charlottetilbury.com/it/product/full-fat-lashes-glossy-black


For the lips, glossy is the way. I use an iconic lip pencil in the shade iconic nude from Charlotte tilbury but something more pinky would work absolutely fine as well.

I love how this makeup works and makes me feel because I don’t feel like m wearing a lots of products on my face but I still feel fresh glowy and beautiful. I’ve made a little igtv if you guys are interested in seeing the products in action. That’s it for now guys and I’ll see


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