Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally. Remember that you are not alone in this situation and you are doing great even if you are struggling because that’s totally normal. If you need any help I’m here for you.

But anyway, today I want to share with a few colorful makeup looks I’ve tried recently. I don’t know why or how or why but I was just inspired by the flowers of my garden outside my window. There was this wonderful purple shades that really captured me.

I really like the creativity aspect of makeup and I really enjoy putting together colors that are very different and maybe can create a hard contrast.

I like when something goes out of the limits, that’s when I feel most inspired. Creativity can be so intimidated by repeating always the same thing but we can explore everything we want and reach new levels every day. We can stretch our boundaries every day.

Even if is in the intimacy of our homes. Even if is just by playing with makeup.

If I have inspired one person on the entire planet, I feel satisfied and I have reached my goal.

This post is not so much about how to recreate these looks but to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Even if it looks like crap like these looks I’ve created, it would be worth it, I promise you that.

The first look I’ve created was inspired by the violet and their wonderful and rich purple colors. I’ve decided to pair them with a True neon orange and I love the contrast of the two.

The second look was inspired by one of my favorite old top, which I always bust out in the summer time and it makes me feel good as hell. It’s bright neon pink and it’s so not me it’s ridiculous but I just love it so much.

A part of me immediately thought about pair it with a bold orange color to create the perfect sunset inspired make up look but I decided to try something new and something I would probably never done by pairing it with this grass green and I absolutely love them together and how they contrast each other.

The last eyelook I’ve created was inspired by an amazing shadow in my mercury retrograde palette by huda beauty and is this amazing buttery smooth and soft teal sparkly shadow with a black base that makes it pop to the maximum.

I decided to pair it up with an antique gold and I don’t know why but I really thought about the little mermaid so I guess we can really take inspiration everywhere.

That’s it for today guys and I hope to have inspired some of you to try something new and I will see you soon folks!

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