Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great and I hope you are doing safe and inside your houses.

This month was a bad copy of March basically but nonetheless we made it through and we will get back to normality soon.

The sun and the first few days of warmer weather have arrived and I think we can all appreciate that even if we are all stuck inside.

To me that means, more positive thinking less layers and less makeup.

So today I’m here to share with you my monthly favorites!

Beauty & skin care

Since we are all in quarantine i really pumped up my skincare regime and the first think I decided to be more consistent with retinoids.

Not that I don’t use it anyway but I’m not gonna lie, the thought of not having to worry to much about getting some ray of sunshine on my face after a night of slathering my skin with retinoids, is really making me apply vitamin a more consistently.

The queen of this kind of products to me is Sunday Riley luna oil. https://sundayriley.com/products/luna-sleeping-night-oil. It’s a luxurious deep blu oil, very thin and light on the skin. It’s a ritual before bed that really makes you feel like you are in a spa.

But after the beauty aspects of this product, the results are what really sold this oil to me. It’s one of the few, very few products,I see instant results. The classic next morning reaction where my skin is feeling very smoother in texture and soft as a cloud. My skin loves this product and doesn’t need to adjust to it because it’s effective without stripping it. I have been using it for months, now more consistently than ever and I love how my skin behave with the help of this amazing oil. Highly recommend it.

The second favorite is a newer product. I finished my nars climax mascara and I really liked it. In the market for a new mascara I choose a sample of the Charlotte tilbury full fat lashes.

I used it once and never saw my lashes the way they looked with that on. Purchased immediately. I’m not joking. I never feel for a mascara like this. I must say that my lashes are not very long and not very much so I really need and want lenght and volume in my mascara.

This one give me seriously fake lashes effects. They are fluttering, light, separated and long. They seriously seem like baby lashes and if that’s not what we all envy, than I don’t know what to say.

I think it’s my favorite ever mascara I’ve ever tried and can’t wait to continue using it for every day make up in a more light way and builtin it up for more a dramatic look. Either way I highly recommend it.

The second favorite is a blush duo from jouer and not so much of groundbreaking formula even if is really a good one. It’s in the shade adore me from the bouquet series and what really stood out for me is the shade because it’s the classic color that you see and it seems nothing in the pan, but when you apply it it changes the game. It’s, to me, the perfect nude pinky brown blush that tid up every look really but particularly the more dramatic one. The texture is soft and goes on the skin like butter, apply really well giving the skin a slightly sheen and blend and apply with other powder or cream products like a dream.



The last beauty favorite is a lip liner. The new, well actually new to me because they are around for a while now, Patrik ta lip liner in the shade she’s humble. Not to mention the packaging which is a rose gold slick and luxurious wand that makes me feel like Hermione 2020 whenever I use it but what it’s even better than that it’s the shade and the way they apply on the lips. It’s a pink nuance and goes smoothly on your lips. The shade to me is really nice and I’m gonna definitely try some of the other shades but what is really amazing is the texture. It’s creamy but not too creamy where if you want to really define and be precise with it you can’t. Another amazing and genius pint to me is the packaging not for the rose gold even If is a major plus point but for the tips. The fact that it’s in a square shape and the top is half cut, it allows you to be even more precise and also, it ensures that you are not gonna break it every time you use it because it is secure and safe.



As we have a little bit more free time these days I’ve been binge listening podcasts like is nobody’s business and in particular I’m super excited about the scrubs one and the sopranos one. If you have watch any of this show and if you did you definitely have loved them and I highly recommend them to you because they are funny, light and makes you indulge a little bit more in these shows. I am struggling to get to sleep even more than usual these days and these podcasts help go to sleep with a smile on my face.



The last but most amazing and exciting favorite of the month is this wonderful woman https://instagram.com/mariahlleonard?igshid=1x8l9xclgmd6v.

I don’t know why I didn’t discover her before, but I absolutely love her and her persona. She’s so funny and her creativity is really inspiring. Her instragram is amazingly beautiful and curated. Nothing is left to the case and everything is precise and goes perfectly together. She’s a truly artist and a great videographer and photographer. Her YouTube channel is a place of knowledge and great and honest reviews. I Bingwatched it in like a week. I’ve learned so much about make up and techniques to apply and to layer them I bought a few products that she stands by and absolutely love the.. She’s truly amazing and I can’t wait to see other work from her because she’s really a rare gem in this overwhelmed world. Highly recommended her!

I’ve done a little igtv https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_ZnpcUI3xs/?igshid=1pzmybw01xsym where I talk about a few of my favorite things and I will see you soon folks!

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