Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great.

Today I want to share with you another simple look inspired by one of my favorite thing ever :lingerie.

I think lingerie is truly one of the best things because it’s like working out for me. Whnever I’m in a bad mood I always, always put on a nice set of lingerie. It’s something only you and yourself know. It your own secret. It’s your gift from you to you and as cheesy as it sounds it really makes you feel amazing and sexy. You act different, you walk different, it’s truly a boost of energy and confidence that in my humble opinion only work-out gives me. And sometimes I can’t be bothered to work out. Lol.

The fact my friend, I hope you don’t mind calling you friend, is that lingerie of a certain type is fucking expensive. Like, how many euros can a piece of lace cost? A lot. A lot.

So as much as I love treating myself from time to time, I kind of feel always bad whenever I purchased a lingerie item because the most recurring problem that pops in my mind is “should I seriously buy a 50 euros thong that I only will be able to see probably ever if the situation doesn’t change?”

And the answer is yes.

But, only on certain types of item. I decided that since I spent so much on a lingerie vest I’m also going to wear it as much as possible. So I started to rock my slip dress as dresses, nothing an oversized Blazer and a good pair of shoes can’t make it work and boom : bank for your bucks as they say. I don’t know who says that but anyway, same goes for a nice bra : let some bottoms of your shirt undone and let the world see that piece of lace.

In some ways making these little changes and embracing my undies as part of the look and not only something that’s under it, makes me feel first of all more sexy and second of all allows me to change always something and add something new and spicy to every outfit.

Here are some of my favorites looks:


I love this amazing silk slip dress and I paired it with my strappy 20 euros sandals and my trusty oversized Blazer from Zara.

Another amazing one is this stunning silk piece, this red screams summer and tan legs to me and I can’t wait wear it out. I love the contrast of a masculine piece with a sexy number like this.


Another favorite is this lace bra which I think goes perfectly under a silk shirt or under a Blazer with some high wasted trousers. There are honestly so many ways to style your lingerie up and these are just some of my favorite ways to do that, I hope you are somewhat inspired by this.


Anyway, that’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks. Please be safe and stay inside as much as possible.

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