Nude and bronze tones

Hi guys! How are you doing today

I hoe you are all safe and secure at home and you are doing great mentally and emotionally.

I’m struggling but that’s ok. We Wil get through this tough time together.

Today after a few days of cold and shitty weather, the sun decided to shine outside and I was inspired to create a bronzy no makeup makeup.

I used the last drops of one of the empties I spoke about in my latest igtv I’ll link it below if haven’t watch it yet.

Anyway, the main product I use today for create the gooddes bronze glow vibe it’s the nars laguna bronzer in the creamy liquid form. But any bronzer will go well. The key here is to bronze up our face with a not cold tone bronzer but a warm one and out it lightly all over our face. Remember the neck. Always remember the neck.

I kept Tha base really light as always using a illuminating product, to keep it fresh and luminous.

With the same brush I apply the bronzer all over my face.

I used a little bit creamy blush over my eyelid and on my cheekbones. I like this technique, well it’s not that much of a technique, but I like it because it really allows you to create a nude and no make up look effect but really ties up the overall look really well i think.

The lipstick it’s one of my favorite from huda beauty I already talk about them in a blog post, I love them so much and every month I wear one al them to death adn then change shade. I love them all. It was really worth it.

The look it’s a more bronze version of my usual no makeup makeup.

I also create a little igtv creating this look.

I wanted to say a little something about the bronzer I’m using and I’ll link the empties video I made so that I’m fully transparent about it.

I really love this product and I’m gonna link it down below, but I can’t really stress enough about the fact that I really don’t like the packaging and for someone like me who is constantly on the go and I travel a lot I can’t stand a product that I can’t travel with or is this impractical. So I wanted to make it clear that it’s really amazing and that’s why I used till literally the last few drops to create this i thing simple but wonderful look but the packing it’s something I think you may have to take in consideration.

Anyway, that’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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