Hi guys! How are you doing today? Although I know we are supposed and have to be at home and certainly don’t go out, during these days at home I’m finding myself more and more comfortable playing with eyeshadow and my palette of the moment and absolutely loving it every day more.

As you guys know there’s nothing new here, I’m talking about the mercury retrograde palette from huda beauty and as I’ve already told you it’s the freaking bomb.

Today I was inspired by the one and only http://www.katiejanehughes.com/. You have to follow her if you are not already cause first of all, she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, she’s incredibly talented and I love her works so much. They are all so wonderful and she really loves her job and I love how it transparently shows.

I love her light and luminous base, with sometimes the most perfect graphic liner and sometimes the most ethereal soft smoky eyes.

Her Instagram page talks by itself.

Anyway, today I want to somehow recreate one of her looks and although I’m so far away from achieving her beauty, I have so much fun playing with my palette.


The look I was inspired by is this amazing smoky eyes with a soft halo effect and the touch of orange grafic liner in the inner corner. Although this palette hasn’t quite the right color scheme for this look I use what I had and at the i doesn’t look so bad.


The main sparkly gold works at the best of its potential by using it wet and it’s a beautiful antique gold with specs of rosy toned shimmer in it. It’s truly amazing.

I paired this eyes with a nude and simple lips but honestly I think also a dark vampy lips would work wonderfully.

Anyway, I hope I’ve somehow inspired some of you guys to play with what you have and to try something new even if as right now I’m ending up wearing it at home, you can feel glamorous as hell even on your couch LOL

That’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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