Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great, the weekend is just around the corner!

Anyway, today I want to share with you a little blog post about two of my favorite vintage pieces I got from my mama.

I’ve already talk to you about this wonderful piece of jacket from max Mara. The one and only max Mara.

It’s thin but made with the most delicate and warm wool, not to even mention the color wich is the perfect camel brown not too cold not too warm. It’s perfect in the winter season to wear it as a Blazer, but I love it even more in this warmer weather as trhow on jacket to wear over a thin jumper or a roll neck one.

Anyway, in this photos I’m wearing it over a cute little fabric top from Zara and some tailored high wasted black trousers.

The other piece it’s not so much in the ost perfect condition but I love it even more for that. It’s this beautiful, to me, leather bag from coccinelle. Brassy gold hardware, worn out leather. To me it’s just amazing and I love wearing it with my brown jacket as well!

Anyway, that’s it for today guys and I know it nothing exciting or mind blowing in this post but i just want you to know that I’m trying hard to cut on buying things from fast fashion retailers and it’s not easy for me but using again “old” piece and make them feel alive again pairing then together, helps me a lot.

I’m grateful my mom was a very fashionable woman in this particular case! She was a very smsrt and beautiful woman. Anyway, that’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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