Hi guys! If January was tre hundred years long, February as usual it’s gone by the time I wrote February.

Anyway, that’s means it’s time for some favorites.


When it comes to makeup this month I feel head to toe in love with the huda beauty matte lipsticks, I’ve already talked about them in various blogpost so I’m not gonna say too much about them but I’ll just show you my favorite shades.


Another lipstick favorite are the too faced liquid lipstick, in the special Christmas edition inspired by the ginger man bisquits. It’s not so popular tradition here in Italy but I just love the color of them both and I couldn’t pick on up and the colors are stunning, unique and elegant and also I’ve never tried their textures and I absolutely love them. Matte, full, opace, long lasting and absolutely comfortable.


The next favorite is my new parfum, from Tom ford of course and I’ve been absolutely influenced by estée Lalonde, the one and only. I just saw her video and just bought it. Never smelled it. Never. How dumb am I? A lot but fortunately I absolutely love this fragrance, it’s so fresh, unique and sexy. Love it.



Book wise I absolutely love alla ricerca di Cartesio. A book all about brain and emotions and how we elaborate them and where they came from. If you are into biology and physiology, this book is for you. Absolutely interesting and brilliant.



Number one :my latest boots from Zara. I wear them a lots so much so I have to Stop myself from wearing them all the time. Super comfortable and absolutely beautiful, to me at least.

Another favorite are my intimissimi thin long slive cashmere knit. They are very good and warm and the perfect comfortable warm but elegant at the same time piece I always wear when I’m wearing an outfit I don’t like very much, I put one of them on and I immediately feel put together and chic.

Another favorite are my boilers outfit, my urban outfitter salopettes are my new baby and I love them a lot.

Last style inspiration favorite are my new glasses from ace and tate. Amazing web site if you are in the market for a good and stylish pair of glasses without wanting to splurge on the latest trend but want something well made, classic but unique and durable. I love them both.




Wellness wise I want to talk to you about my cellulite cup. It’s a strange piece of plastic I bought randomly from zalando few months ago, because I thought it was made for the face. When it arrived I understand it was made for the legs or the but or anywhere you want. This last week I tried and basically you put an oil of any kind on the area you want to work on, you place the cup on and create the void, and then you rub it on for a few minutes. I don’t think is so effective but the sensetion it gives me is so pleasent I don’t really care honestly.

Another wellness favorite is my butter cream from anatomicals, I love this body cream so much

It absorbed really quickly and it leaves your skin so soft and moisturized. A pleasant.

Podcsst wise I’ve always been a fan of this might get wired so it’s not a monthly favorite but a lifetime favorite I guess.




Anyway, that’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!