Hi guys, how are you doing in this beautiful Monday?

I’m feeling a little bit anxious and under the weather but that’s OK, it will past.

Anyway, today since the weather seems really to get better every week and it’s warmer and warmer I want to share with you another outfit blogpost a little more spring inspired than usual.

It’s nothing new here :my favorite Zara body, my favorite Zara clown pants and my favorite Zara Blazer.

As I’ve already told you I love this body from Zara, I bought them in every color basically. The thing I love the most about them is first the cut, the high neck makes them super fluttering, and the material hugs you like a glove. Also, it allows you to not necessarily wear any bra under it and to me that’s is always a bonus point.

In these outfit i wear it with my favorite jeans from Zara, high waist, tight at the ancle, they are super fluttering and I love the loose fit with the tight of the body.

I complete the look with this amazing double breasted Blazer.

The overall look I find it super comfortable and fluttering and is so easy to style up or down with a pair of good heels.

Anyway, that is it for today guys, I’ll see you soon!

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