Salopette for life

Hi guys! How are you doing today? Yesterday I went and see ” misántropo” di moliere and it was so nice to see and relax for a night not in front of a fucking screen. But anyway, today I want to share with you another look, a bit different for me but I’m loving it.

These days I always wear what makes me feel good and confident and even if that means wearing something a little bit out of the range, I’m all about it. I don’t care.

So the last you item I bought are two pair of dungarees. A bit excessive? Absolutely but I couldn’t decide.

First they are completely different, second they are both stunning to me.

I bought them from urban outfitter, and I always want to remind myself to wear my salopette more and more just as a reminder of how they make me feel good with my body.

Anyway I’ll link them down below for you guys becose I really think they are worth the price and I find them so much fun to style them, from day to night and so fluttering.

I love them because they are to me at least a piece on which everyone comment on, bad or good I don’t care actually. Anyway, the first one is a flare kind of number of the most beautiful dark rich velvety Blu, so 80s. It has a zip all the way down and short sleeves.

The other one is a statement piece for its own wonderful creamy white color, with silver botton all the way down and long sleeves plus a little flare legs.

I love them both and wearing them both a lot because I find them so different and so unique. I can’t stop talking about them clearly!

So today outfit of the day is actually a two piece in one, but I just wanted to inspire you maybe a little bit to try and style something new even if it old. Fashion to me is just so fun, and sometimes I realize I forget that, I forget that I just want to have fun because at the end f the day they are just clothes but the way they makes me feel sometimes when I wear them how I want to, it’s the best feeling.

That’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!