Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great. Here it’s been a few beautiful days, much hotter than it should be but right now I’m definitely not complaining. It makes my depression feel very low and it helps getting much better much quicker.

Anyway, since I’m not feeling great in this period, weather aside, I’ve decided to started from the basics toady and share with you guys one of my favorite versions of the classic and easy as fuck no makeup makeup.

As you guys might already know I freaking love a light and luminous base, due to the fact that I already know I’m one of those like human that has a good skin (and I’m definitely investing in good and simple skin care products). I like to feel like my skin, like I’m not wearing anything on it although I’m.

It’s one of my favorite, well my favorite, type of makeup because it allows me to embrace my beauty and all of my less beauty features. I don’t know why but wearing less makeup makes me feel so confident and comfortable. Also guys, since I’m definitely on the go all day long it allows me to put on a blod lips and be good to go from day to night look in approximately 30 seconds.

Anyway, my base usually it’s a mixture of duwy products, today I’m using the best of the best, byterry cc serum in the shade apricot.

As you guys can see it blends into nothing but a beautiful flawless and luminous filter from within your skin, minimizing the texture and the pores.

Today I’m not wearing any concealer, but in this type of no makeup makeup I usually apply a generous amount of bronzer so that it brings so much more life and healthiness to my face. It’s either a lots of bronzer or a lots of blush. Since I’m kind of going for a warm look, I went nuts with bronzer and usually with this kind of look the key is cream products. Cream products allows you to accentuate the luminosity and the flawlessly that we are trying to create and the fact that they are so easy to blend and melts perfectly together with any other products we put behind, it’s the perfect combo for not so much time and not so much skills (lol).

The bronzer I’m using right now it’s the one from fenty, but I’m also testing the nudestix one and I love them both.

The fenty one is the one below. The nudestix is a little bit lighter and creamier in texture.

For the eyes I keep it simple, first because I’m not able to achieve any kind of artistic look and secondly I’m just lazy. So I bust out my new baby, the norvina palette. The caramel shade all over the lead and boom, done.


Right now I’m using up the nars climax mascara and it’s really good guys but honestly I think mascara is one of those things that on the drugstore market you can easily find a good deal. https://m.sephora.it/index.html#!catalog/product/view/P3425004?skuId=448797&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PLASephoraIT_search_&utm_term=&gclid=CjwKCAiA4Y7yBRB8EiwADV1haU50VIAu_GPS3aUhCWbIorETd8yaKtBxP3OBd5Qpd5fsXbqz1eF8ehoCP-0QAvD_BwE

Next up it’s a step that you can easily skip if you want cause right now we all more than shiny and luminous but since I just can’t get enough, I also put a thin layer of the Charlotte tilbury flawless Hollywood filter.


It’s pretty basic you guys I know, but sometimes less is definitely more.

See you soon folks!

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