Hi guys! How are you doing today?

Today I want to share with you an outfit I wore the other night with my girls. We went to an amazing club in Milano called the blue note. It was so much fun and the theme of the night was the extremely special 80s. So we decided to dress up kind of inspired by those years.

I decided to crack on one of my favorite jumpsuit from Zara of course.

Is one of those pieces that makes you feel amazing and beautiful and like a piece of art. Truly.

It’s made of silkish material and it comes with and amazing burgundy belts that sucks you in the waist.

I received a lots of compliments and promised to all of my friends to borrow them it.


There’s nothing much to say about this outfit because basically it’s one piece of fabric but there’s something about jumpsuits that really drove me crazy. I don’t think this piece is still on line but I just wanted to show you it just to inspire maybe some of you to play with colors and materials and with something that really makes you feel amazing.

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