Hi guys! How are you doing today? It’s a sunny and lovely Sunday here in Italy and I don’t see myself doing nothing but chilling with my dog today.

Recently I’ve really been into my style and fashion content as you guy can guess. First of all I don’t really define myself a more makeup lover. I’d rather spend my money on clothes than makeup and since I’m trying not to buy things that I don’t need, I’ve been really trying to using up some of the products I own.

Second, I don’t think there is been anything exciting about beauty lunches recently so, maybe is a mix of all these things.

Anyway, today I want to share with you another look revolving around the zara body of the century probably. In this case I styled my white one but also the black one would have been amazing.

It’s a classic combo of baggy and comfy jeans with boots. Nothing exciting to see here.

The boots and their, I think, slightly unusual color tigh together the overall neutral tone of the look and adds a touch of cool that never disappoints.

I really love these jeans cause they are flattering on every shape, I find them ultra comfortable and I’ve been seeing the everywhere for a reason. They truly are amazing. I bought them also in a caramel nuance and I wear them both every single day I swear.

The body it’s the sexy element in this look. The texture and the fabric hugs your forms without disturbing it and makes you feel amazing. Also a plus note about the fact that they are absolutely not see through. I hate wearing bra and this factor to me was really important.

As you can see a different version of this outfit is so easy to put together. A black Blazer with the black body and the caramel trousers would have worked absolutely fine as well.

In this case I wanted to change a little bit and put on a classic striped structured and Tailored Blazer also from Zara to spice up a little bit the overall look. I love to put a grandpa looking piece at any moment in any outfit, pieces like this makes me feel so confident and comfortable, a priceless experience.

Anyway, that’s it for today guys, I hope you are doing great and having a good Sunday also doing nothing.

Love you a lots and I will see you soon!




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