Hi guys, we are finally at the end of the longest month of the year. Basically summer is around the corner and I’m already feeling depressed about the Christmas period.

Jokes aside, today I just want to share with you my favorites of the month. Some of this item are a new and fresh discovery which is exciting and a nice feeling of having to play with something new but I just want to remind you guys that it’s not necessary to go and always buy new things. It’s important to find joy and excitement in using things we already own. And it definitely something I’m trying to do more and more.

Anyway let’s talk about favorites!

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

I’m not gonna talk too much in depth about this product cause I wrote a blog post all about it so I’m gonna link it and you you can read all about it. But as you can guess, I love it already even if I just bought it.


Huda beauty matte power bullet

Another item I discovered recently and immediately fell in love with the texture, the range of colors, the packaging, basically everything. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect nude, and I was super intrigued to try something from huda beauty. It’s a brand I feel so far distant from me but I must say these lipsticks are gorgeous. They are matte but super comfortable, last all night even trough a meal and the range of nuances it’s impecable. You basically have all the colors you didn’t know you need. One of my favorite color is ladies night.


Briogeo don’t despair repair hair mask

I don’t talk a lot about hair on my blog because, well first of all I like to try every single color on heart and I never go to the hairdresser. Everything I do to to my hair it’s my own fault basically. I’m not proud of this behavior don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I’m too lazy when it comes about hairs. I like to try different colors and the only thing I always do and always did was masking with the most nature based, silicon, paraben and solfates free products I could find. I always used raw coconut oil and sleep in it, and that to me it’s still and always be the most effective and nutritional supplements for my hairs.

Since I’ve heard so many good thins about this brand I wanted to try something and this mask it’s definitely one of the best mask I’ve ever used. It’s super efficient and light and effective. My hair feels not only smooth but stronger and full for days after. The prize is high in this one but since the brand it’s really making the effort to use only the best ingredients I think it’s worth it.


Tom ford grey vetiver eau the parfum

This item it’s definitely a splurge for me but there’s something about Tom ford fragrances that really gets me. I have only two Parfums and they are both from Tom ford. The things I like the most are that they last all day on my skin, they are unique and have so many layers and depth. They are warm and sexy as hell and you just notice them. I think anyway.

The first parfum I ever bought was noir by Tom ford and its still my favorite one but I just wanted to try the vetiver and I love this fragrance so much. Next on the list it’s leather, you guessed it, by Tom ford.


Il gorilla ce l’ha piccolo podcast

For some non beauty related favorites I want to share with you guys my favorite podcast wich is now probably the podcast of the year more than of the month. It’s all about biology and nature and animal species and their behaviors. Nonetheless the voice of the host is one of sexiest I’ve ever heard. I study medicine so I’m all about human bodies and human physiological and biological studies but animals are so new to me and I find it super interesting. Really recommend!


Questo libro ti farà dormire book

Another non beauty related favorite its a book I just finished reading and to me it’s one of the best and genius boo I’ve ever read. Basically it’s all about boring and difficult or just not interesting stuff from all around the world and it’s due to the fact that it want to help you falling asleep. I find it interesting anyway and I think it’s a freaking genius idea. Really recommend!


Cola zero

The last favorite of the month it’s my attempt to stop drinking coca cola zero. I know it’s really bad for us and I wanted to at least try to drink the best version of it I can find. And I find this all natural version wich let’s be honest it’s doesn’t compare but at least I know I’m not damaging my body!


Anyway, that’s it for today guys, let see what February will bring to us!