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Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great and you had a great weekend.

Today I want to share with you a new discovery. Recently I’ve been living without a lipbalm of any kind shape or form and I don’t know why but I must have read somewhere that lipbalms are actually ba for our lips. It kind of forbid your lips to moisture themselves. Something like that. In my case by the way, I was just being lazy and don’t want to buy another one cause I had my lanege one from October. Lost it. Never find it. A tragedy.

Anyway, since I’ve found this theory doesn’t work for me and my dry as fuck lips I’ve finally bought another one and I’ve wanted to try the lanege sleeping mask for ages.

It’s freaking amazing. It’s thick and rich and I put it on before bed, and the next morning my lips are just soft and plump. It really does what it says. No joke. Kind of expensive but you also need the tiny bit so it kind of makes sense.

I also prefer it to other lips moisturizes because I just keep in on my bedside table. And to me I am sure as hell I Will not lost another fucking lipsbalm. I know it sounds stupid by when you lost your three hundred lipsbalm, you start to feel like a fool.

I hope there is a world where all the lipsbalm go and they all live in peace and armony cause otherwise, to me it’s like a constant struggle.!catalog/product/view/P3662005

The other lip product I’ve becoming obsessed with it is from too faced and probably you all know what I’m talking about.!catalog/product/view/P1389026

This product to me it’s not something like “oh no I’m too scared of needles and I want bigger lips”. I use this product before I know I want to wear a dark lipstick.

Due to the fact that I have little and not plump lips,when I’m wearing a dark Matt lipstick or lipstain I often overlining them. To give the illusion of a fuller space but at a certain point when we fake something so much it just become ridiculous.

So to me this lip injection is like a step before, like a primer, it prepares my lips to look better when I’m wearing a dark or red Matt lip.

It really works but I must be honest I would not be able to wear it like a normal lip gloss. It really tingles. Of course to someone could be perfectly comfortable,I’m just giving you my experience.

Anyway, that’s for toady guys, I hope you are doing great and I’ll see you soon!

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