Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great and today I want to share with you another look I’m loving right now.

I don’t know about you guys but in the winter season my style change drastically. I find myself searching for more androgynous and masculine pieces. I love a clean line and structured outfit, with a lots o black and neutral tones.

Despite the warmer months where I’m all about colors and more feminine looks.

I guess it’s all about the weather in a way. There’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable and confident and in the colder months, it’s so easy to look and feel sexy about your body when all you want to do is wearing a duvet.

So I found myself starting to built my own winter style based on what I know makes me feel good.

A turtleneck for example, a good pair of high wasted trousers, a pair of sexy high heels black boots. To name a few.

Today outfit it’s a killer combo to me. I actually decided to create this look, watching a few video of the one and only Amy poehler and I can’t remember if it was a premier or some kind of event, where she was wearing an all black outfit. Absolutely loved it. And that reminds me that I had something similar in my wardrobe so that I could recreate that look.

The Blazer is a new entry from Zara but it’s the kind of thing that can be found in our father or grandparents closet for sure.
The belt is a vintage one I stole from my dad closet
The thin light turtleneck is from Zara and its a classic piece they do every year. This one I live because it’s not too oversized and it’s thin so that I can easily put in my pants without disturbing the overall look.

When I’m wearing something so monotone and serious I like to put a touch of color, like a red lip in this case makes me feel like I’m putting my feminine side back in, so that the contrast with such a masculine outfit is much more appealing. I think anyway.

On a everyday bases I would wear a good pair of white sneakers or my black loafers but in this photos I’m wearing a pair of red stiletto to go with the red lips, again for playing contrasts.

Anyway, that’s it for now guys and I will see you soon folks! Bye!

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      1. You must have an amzing shoe collection, I’m a shoe-aholic and seem to buy at least 2 pairs each month if not more, and I love heels, not a fan of flats that much as they hurt my feet after a while x

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