Hi guys! How are you doing? Today I want to share with you another look I’m loving right now!

It’s a very simple outfit, with a masculine and androgynous vibes to it, perfect for this time of the year.

It’s an all Zara game.

The first thing, it’s the turtleneck thin black jumper, perfect for me because it’s thin so that it’s so easy to put into jeans and trouser and the neck it’s not too high not too low. I love this kind of shape and material.

The trousers are a great addition to my collection because I had zero beige or nude or whatever you wanna call it, colored trousers and again the shape it’s perfect. Since I’m a short human being I love high-waisted number and this one in particular you can accentuate your waist with a belt.

My belt in particular is an old black leather number I stole from my dad and I love it. Classic and effortless.

Obviously, this kind of jumper can be easily wear with any color or shape of trousers, here I’m just showing you how I like it and since I’m always wearing black, it’s fun to change a little bit.

The last number are this incredible boots from Zara, I got them in the sale because I couldn’t justify their price since I’m a boot hoarder and I’ve already had three pair but they are different and nothing like I’ve ever seen because they’re this warm and caramely brown, so yummy and guys their are the most confortable boots I’ve ever owned. I wore them the other Saturday and I walk all over Ikea in them. Clouds. Fucking clouds. Love them and I’m wearing them a lots,more than I think I ever would. Probably the fact that they are brown makes them so much day time and fun to me. Don’t know but love them.

That’s it for me today guys and I’ll see you soon!!!!

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