Don’t be scared of colors!

Hi guys! How are you doing today?

Today I want to share with you my love for colors and how I like to put them together. I love a smart ass look and dressing elegant doesn’t mean you have to wear all black.

I love mixing textures and colors even when I’m wearing shirt and trousers.

So today I put together two outfits that can represent the classic combo I would absolutely wear if I have to go to a meeting or a working meet up.

Pink it’s definitely not my favorite color but there’s something about it when it comes in that majestic dusty nuance that makes it so elegant and subtle that I simply cannot resist.

I love put pink and blu together, I find this combo so chic and beautiful and so I’m wearing this silk pink bluse from Zara with an old pair of teal Blu.

I’m sorry if the lighting is a bit off in the firs picture but this days guys are so freaking difficult to shoot for because here in Italy I’ve not seen the sun in like a week and all I see everyday is gloomy and Grey. Horrific.

Anyway, I love as you can see a silky number and although this pink one from Zara it’s not real silk I quite like the effect and the texture and to be honest, for like twenty euros it’s totally fine by me.

The next outfit is born from an old vintage shirt I found in my dad closet and of course he was throwing it away so I collect it and make it mine. It’s a beautiful 100 % silk man shirt from Armani. It’s pretty oversized on me but I like to make it work as it is. I also live wearing it in the summer month as a throw on layer if it get a bit chilly in the late hours.

Again, sorry for the lighting.

But as you can see I pair it with a dusty pink, again love that shade, new in trousers from Zara. Love the combo and the colors together. One night I also paired it with a beautiful 80s yellow moustard trousers and platform boots. Love it.

Anyway, I hope you might have found a little bit of inspiration in this post as I like to put together different pieces and different colors and styles and also, you don’t need to have these pieces but I think that the most beautiful thing is to take inspiration from one another and make our own outfits. We don’t need to be clones.

Anyway, that’s it from me guys and I’ll see you soon!!!!

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