Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great and I hope you had an amazing 2019.

Today I want to share with you my latest obsessions. I’m going away for a few days in the mountains and since I’m a little bit sick I’m craving duwy products and hydration. The two key elements in my skin-care routine in this cold weather.

As most of you may know I love mixing products and using products that enhance each other.

I discover one of the best duwy makeup product from Charlotte tilbury and I use it as my base. But in the day time I like leaving my skin feeling super light and fresh. The best one in this case is the Tata harper serum. It’s the best combination of skincare and makeup for an easy look.

The last one is the byterry cc serum, it’s very similar to the Tata harper one but I use them in combination, I love the more blurry effects of the byterry one with the duwiness of the Tata harper one.

I love using products that are skincare based with a little bit of something else that allows me to use them as makeup products as I want or when I want.




That’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon!

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