Hi guys! How are you doing today? Christmas it almost here and I don’t know about you but sometimes we have to wear something a little more chic and to me, especially in winter it the most changeling task ever!

Joking, not so much, but what I want so say is that especially when it’s freaking cold outside the last thing we want to do it’s putting on a little dress or heels. But sometimes we have to and let’s be honest, sometimes it’s really funny.

So today I’ll show you my new obsession, slip dresses, that we can wore to go to sleep and to go to party.

The obsession begin with, obviously, https://lydiaelisemillen.com/ that shows in one of her video some pieces from intimissimi.

As soon as I saw this dress I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and after many hours of convincing myself not to, I purchased it.


In this photos I show you guys as I’m gonna wear it, with this very old and to be honest not so good and structured as I would like to, Blazer from Zara but a simple oversized black Blazer it’s absolutely perfect.

I love the contrast of a very oversized masculine piece and a very sexy and risqué item. I think it’s so classy but funny and inspected.

Anyway, that’s it for now guys, love you a lot and I’ll see you soon folks!

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