Hi guys, how are you doing today?

Today i was feeling a little down and uninspired, I just wanted to have a real talk with you. Every year, at this time the cringes of having to feel Christmasy and happy and grateful and joy and all of that stuff start to get me down. Nothing is worse than having to and force yourself to feel something even if you don’t and don’t want to.

Society and media literally force you to feel festive. If you are not, you are wrong. You have to buy these things. You have to feel joyfully grateful and happy. You have to go to the family you maybe don’t even have or never had and tell them you love them and give them shit they don’t even like.

I know, I’m a bit dramatic but I’m speaking through my mind and sometimes with all these commercials we see on TV, the hypocrisy drives me mental.

Not everybody has a family, in fact, I bet the majority of people don’t have someone to spend the festivities with, or in this particular period of time a truama reoccurs in our mind.

You don’t have to feel guilty for not feeling in a certain way. You don’t have to feel guilty for not feeling a certain way.

I know I’m not saying nothing spectacular or breaking new but it’s just a little reminder. Cause sometime I would love to have someone that speaks like this to me.

It’s OK if you are feeling a bit down, it’s OK not wanting to spend even more money and not wanting to contribute to this consumism parade.

We just need to be grateful for ourselves and our friends or important ones. That is. Whether you are feeling blue or not.

That’s it for today you guys, I’ll see you soon folks!

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