Hi guys! How are you doing today?

I hope you are doing great today and hang in there baby, it’s finally Wednesday!

As many of you maybe don’t know, recently I turned 29 fucking years old. And since I can’t ignore the fact that I’m old af anymore, I started take more care of myself, starting with the research of the perfect eye cream.


The antípodes kiwi seed oil eye cream it’s light, effective and fresh. It sinks in the skin immediately, not leaving grease residue. To me it’s, by far for now, the best eye cream I’ve found and I finally understand the hype around this product.

But, I’ve started using in with a layer of the milk cooling stick I’ve talked to you about last week.


I’ve found the two together go so well, they layer perfectly to me and not leaving any heavy feeling or sensation. I find this combo so refreshing and effective with the minimum effort.

That’s it for today you guys, I hope you find this little and quick post somewhat interesting and I’ll see you soon!

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