Hi guys! How are you doing today? It’s a very miserable day in Italy today and it has been in the last 4000000 years but enough complaining about the weather for today, let’s talk about a new in piece that I’m madly in love with.

Last week as I’ve told you guys I bought a package from milk makeup , it was a little cute beauty bag with all of their best selling products.

I was intrigued by this brand because they really are all clean and natural (although I not happy with all of the plastic they use in their packaging) and since I’m more and more picky about what I put on my face basically, I want to try it and this bundle seems to me the perfect idea.

As I’ve already told you I was really impressed with the formula of the bronzer and I’m starting to enjoy even the serum.

But you guys, the it product for me it’s definitely the cooling blu stick. I freaking love and it so easy to use, and the funny thing about it its that it was the last thing I thought I would have ever used. When I saw it I was like ain’t nobody got time for that if you know what I mean.

But I started using it every day and I find myself reaching for it multiple time during the day.

In the morning it’s like an extra inch of espresso, after I work out it’s so fresh and cooling, I even apply it over my makeup and it doesn’t ruin it.

I wanted to talk to you about this product in deep because it’s one of those things where I really think it’s innovative and new and easy to use and in these world where we are so saturated with products and consuming and buying things that don’t feel like new anymore the next day, this little blu stick it’s something that really helps me and I think It could be helpful for you too.

I also keep it next to me when I study and sometimes I apply it just to refresh a little bit



That s it for today guys, see you soon!!!!

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