29 things I’ve learned from been alive for 29 fucking years

Never underestimate the power of a good weird colorful pair of socks

Never shut up in front of injustices

Forgive yourself

Be more hard on yourself

Never be ashamed of no makeup days

My father is tired

My dog is getting old

My mom need more love

My brother is finally happy

Less coffe

I fucking love rainy days

Always keep on writing

Don’t ever ever ever be afraid

Respect other women

Being sorry it’s not for weak people

I hate pride

Mushrooms are good indeed

I miss you every day

Now I know what being anxious means

Always say thank you

Always say good work!

Women and men act the same way

Robert de Niro please stop making ad

Never cheat on yourself

Your parents are just like you. You are just like your parents.

Wine over beer

There’s not so much man who can go down on you

Drink more water!

When I’m with you I sleep