Hi guys! How are you doing? I hope you are doing well and I hope that you are having a great weekend! Mine consists of eating as always and sleeping. What can I ask more I guess.

Anyway, today guys I want to talk to you about a new website that I discovered last week and since then I’m basically obsessed.

Since my nature of astrophysics passionate I always watch https://kurzgesagt.org/youtube/, I’m obsessed, I support the website and everything they do basically. Cause I’m that easy. Anyway, watching one of their videos about black holes they talk about this web site, brilliant https://brilliant.org/ and I immediately subscribe and started using it. It’s basically a website about logic problems, phisics, mathematics and chemistry and so on, like a overall scientific site where you can play some logic trick or learn about all of these materials and subjects.

I’m a nerdy one as you may not know and I’m just so curious about everything that when I found it out I became addicted in two seconds. I think I brilliant idea and I really hope it’s spread knowledge and fun around the world. You don’t have to be like a super intelligent or a fucking genius, it’s just so interesting to learn how to think and to train your brain to use different ways and to discover new ones every day.

I’m sorry if today blogpost was a bit boring for some of you but I came to term with myself that I really want to share my thoughts with you and what really interests me the most.

Have a nice day guys and see you soon!

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