Hi guys, how are you doing? Today I want to show you a very simple but super comfy outfit that apparently I can’t stop wearing over and over again. Here in Italy there weather has been miserable recently and the rain is our new best friend every fucking day. But anyway, enough rumble about the weather (I’m old) here it’s the outfit :

Casual comfy trousers

Turtleneck thin jumper


This trouser are one of my favorite ever because they are really comfy, elegant in some kind of way and looks good basically with everything.

I love me some kind of turtleneck, I find them really sexy and chic and this one it’s a bit thin not gonna lie but I love it because it’s so easy to put in my trousers so that I can give my overall look a better shape. The boots are a classic faux leather Dr Martin’s style with a huge sole, not the most comfortable shoes I’ve have ever worn but with this kind of weather they really are the best. Plus I can wear my favorite chunky warm socks with them.

That’s it for today guys, thank you so much and see you soon!



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