Hi guys, how are you doing? I hope you are doing great. Today I want to have a little game with you (o my God I sound like the guy from saw), anyway I would love to hear from you 3 things, big or small or whatever you want that would describe you or that you just can’t live without. And I came to the conclusion that mine are 3 simple, I mean for me, things.

A big statement ring

A nice strong perfume

A statement red lipstick

As I’ve already told you, I love I bloody love rings, they are everything to me and I really fell naked without them and as you know, https://www.thegreatfroglondon.com/

It’s my favorite shop and I think they really are a unique piece of jewelry.

Talking about perfume, I must be honest you guys I really haven’t been interested in any of them, when I was younger I remember stolen from my mum who would had maybe 5 or 6 displayed on the bathroom shelf and really did not think about what I liked or not but just wore them for the game of feeling like a grown up. Then I came across this particular perfume,


And I felt like me in a bottle. And really guys I just stopped, I didn’t even try like or even sniff anything else cause to me that was it. I know Tom ford perfumes are expensive but they really last a long long time and they really are a unique piece of art.

The last thing I chose, it’s a bold red lip with a hint of Blu in winter amd the cold months and with a hint of orange and yellow in the hotter months. A red lip to me it’s just a simple and easy way to glam up a simple look and for a girl like me who wear a bare minimum make every day, to put a red lip in the evening when I’m going out it’s just pure magic and I feel beautiful and secure. I really love it even with no mascara, just a little bit of bronzer and maybe a touch of concealer and letting the lips do all the talking. It’s simple and effective and there’s nothing more that I like about that.


Alright guys, I would love to read your choises and maybe start to doing this like every few months!

Thanks as always for your time, see you soon folks!

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