Hi guys! How are you? Hope you are doing well. Today I will share with you my love for rings, another thing me and gollum have in common (the other one is the delightfully attitude and wonderful face) Rings. To me it all started watching one of my favorite YouTuber https://www.sunbeamsjess.com/, she’s basically the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and her style it’s just unique in all of its forms. She wears a lots of rings, all in once and for some strange reason a girl like me who NEVER, wear any kind of jewelry or accessories found that absolutely fascinating. So I started doing the best thing a girl with less sense of style than the bin I’m looking at, trying to reproduce her and her amazing collection of rings. The first thing I did was just to order a bunch of stack from Asos, which immediately changed colors and left those nasty green mark on my fingers. So I started to build up my collection, and I started to save money for ring that were of a certain quality and year by year I’ve made it. Obviously, it’s an on going progect and it will always be.

These are my silver one but I honestly mix up my ring no matter what material they are

I’ve learn through all these years that it’s important to me to feel able to express myself the way I want to and do not ever feel scared to be you in all ways.

See you soon guys!







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