Hi guys! How are you doing? Hope you are doing well and had an amazing weekend, mine consist of beer, with beer and 12 hours sleep. Must say, not too shabby for Rachel! Please tell me you get the quote. Anyway, today I just want to talk a little bit about a true essential in my everyday makeup routine, no matter what I’m doing or where I am I always, ALWAYS have to put a lip balm of some firm or shape. I’ve so many I can’t even keep counting and, yes you guess it, I’ve always fuckin losing them. I mean seriously I just want some kind of scientist to discover I way I can track them down cause otherwise someday we will be conquer by all of our pins hairclips and socks and lip balms. A nightmare I know! Anyway, I’m not the kind of person I would spend so much money on something that it’s literally gonna leave my lips in 5 minutes maximum, but I’m constantly looking for something that will idrate my lips and not getting them worse. So the lip balm I’m using at the moment is the lanolips water lip, it’s so easy to apply, not sticky, idrate and gives a beautiful but subtle shine. It’s really good guys, seriously and the best part is that it doesn’t cost like a fortune.


Anyway, for today, that s it guys, hope to see you soon!!!! Byeeeeee

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