Hello people of the internet! How are you doing? Today I was just feeling a bit shitty about myself (since I’ve been a little ill and a little busy with my studies I tend to not feeling like myself sometimes) and I know it can be seen as a frivolous and empty but when this times accour, I force myself to put the extra time and effort to feeling better with myself and that often mean :

Working out, a good run or just some kick ass cardio it’s just the perfect way to start a day, inducing endorphins in our brain

Playing with makeup, which to me it’s just a fun way to feel pretty and to go outside with a positive attitude and state of mind

There are also other things I like and force myself to do, sometimes just getting out of bed it’s like conquer the everest, belive me but today I’m focusing on the make up bit showing you a new palette and a easy everyday look.

The palette in question is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina

In particular I used a fluffy blending brush and basically run the color ginger all over the lead and then using a precision brush press the color credit on the lash line to give the eye a little more dimension.

I don’t care about the theory of certain colors don’t go well with some eye color and I just use what the hell I want. Such a rebel, I know!

Call me the queen of blending guys



As always, thank you guys for take time to read this, have a nice evening!

See you soon!!!!

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